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For the Chef in Training

  • Cozy Corner

    Tuck one of these L-shaped play kitchens up against two walls to provide that immersive cooking experience on double sides.

  • Anywhere Goes

    All styles—retro, modern, playful—can find a home in any room of your home, be it the playroom, bedroom or living room.

  • Space-Saving

    Designed for the littlest chefs, toddler-sized kitchens provide a dedicated space for hands-on fun in their size.

Pretend Play

Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated by the world around them and the imaginative world that’s being fostered by their environment every day. Encouraging and promoting pretend play during these early years will greatly enrich the creativity of your little ones and will serve them well as they grow.

Play kitchens are incredible for pretend play, as they enable kids to model what they see the grown-ups in their lives doing every day in their real kitchens, as well as dream up many of their own imaginary scenarios.

Kids Play Kitchen Sets

A play kitchen is a frequently requested toy from kids. By choosing a wooden play kitchen from KidKraft, you’re investing in a quality product that will last through many imaginative cooking sessions.

From large play kitchens to toddler kitchen sets, our cooking toy playsets have sizzling features that’ll fire up make believe in kids of all ages. Light-up burners and faucets, working ice makers, buzzing buttons and bubbling cooktops all add to the realism that kids crave.

Toddler Play Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories will enhance your child’s pretend play by bringing their play kitchen to life even more. You’ll find pots and pans, dishes, utensils, play food and other accessories to help create many well-balanced mealtimes. Add on play food sets and play kitchen accessories, such as pretend appliances and cookware playsets.

Our kids play kitchen sets and kitchen accessories encourage hands-on play and make great gifts for any holiday and all throughout the year. Shop our award-winning wooden play kitchens and imaginative accessories to encourage hours and hours of pretend play for your little ones. KidKraft makes everything for the ultimate culinary playroom!

Award-winning wooden play kitchens and imaginative accessories to keep them stocked: KidKraft makes everything for the ultimate culinary playroom.