Toddler Climbers

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Toddler Climbing Toys

Foster your kid’s independence and confidence while they play outside on one of our toddler climbing toys. Climbing provides various benefits, such as promoting physical activity in an engaging and adventurous way and encouraging kids to spend more time outside - making screen time less appealing!

KidKraft carries a variety of toddler climbers and toddler climbing gyms that are built to last and are designed with aesthetic appeal and features that encourage plenty of pretend play.

Toddler Indoor Climbing Toys

For outdoor play or indoor playrooms, our toddler climbers are sturdy and safe for use by multiple kiddos. Your little ones will enjoy many hours of active play and create many new pretend play stories, whether they have a toddler climber with a slide like the Hop & Slide Climber, a toddler climbing structure like the Shark Escape Climber, or a toddler climbing toy with a climbing wall like the A-Frame Hideaway & Climber.

Toddler Outdoor Climbing Toys

Toddlers will be thrilled to spend hours climbing and playing outside with our outdoor climbers and slides that were made just for them! While having fun climbing, sliding, and playing, your toddler will also be gaining confidence as they learn to play more independently and develop important gross motor skills like balance and coordination.

Climbing Toys for Older Kids

Older kids who have outgrown toddler-sized slides and climbers will absolutely love our outdoor playhouses with climbing walls and ladders. These fun, dynamic structures are built to safely accommodate multiple children at once. While racing and chasing each other, your kids will be getting plenty of physical activity and their creativity will be fostered as they engage in various pretend play scenarios.

We feature climbing elements like ladders, rock walls, and rope walls in most of our outdoor playhouses. Here are three of our favorite playhouses equipped with rock walls. Modern Outdoor Swing Set, All-in-One Sports Adventure Playset, and Ranger Retreat Playset. Your kids will have hours and hours of endless fun as they explore and climb on our playhouses, fostering active play and imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is climbing important for toddlers?
  • Climbing is a very tactile activity that helps kids develop skills like spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, risk assessment, and problem solving. As children climb, they gain exposure to movement and to sensory input which can help improve gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and agility. And it’s a form of physical fitness and burns off extra energy, which is great for both kids and parents!

  • What do toddlers learn from climbing?
  • Similar to the benefits of climbing listed above, kids can learn physical skills, spatial awareness, problem solving, risk management, persistence, and so much more.

  • What are the sensory benefits of climbing?
  • Climbing provides a rich sensory experience that integrates input from multiple sensory modalities including vestibular stimulation, proprioceptive input, tactile stimulation, and more.

Shop the best toddler climbing toys and climbing sets at KidKraft. Outdoor climbing walls, toddler slides, and toddler climbers are a gift that will provide hours of physical and creative play for your kids. Browse our selection to find the one that’s the best fit for your available space, budget, and kids’ interests.

Invest in their physical development with our durable toddler climbers. Shop toddler climbers and other outdoor items now.