Full Collection: Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse and Accessories

Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Toys

Does your child love all things rainbows, unicorns and mermaids? Then she will absolutely adore everything in our new RUM collection.

This magical collection was designed to beautifully showcase – you guessed it - unicorns, mermaids and rainbows! From dollhouses and dressing room play sets to bedroom furniture and mermaid and unicorn toys and more, this collection features a lovely range of products, each of which is crafted for durability and safety and thoughtfully designed to foster creative play and bring delight to your child’s room.
Each product can be played with independently, but they have all been designed to go together, providing extended play opportunities.

In this collection you’ll find:

Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse

This three-story dollhouse brings make believe to life in a unique, magical way. With shimmering walls, colorful furniture, a working swing, mermaid lounge and more, this unicorn mermaid toy dollhouse is sure to be treasured.

Rainbow Dreamers Waterfall Grotto Dressing Room Playset

With a starfish comb, hair dryer, perfume bottles, makeup, a closet with hangers and more, your daughter will love pampering her mermaid and other ocean creature friends with this dressing room playset.

Rainbow Dreamers Treetop Teatime Gazebo Playset

This gazebo playset is a doll’s dreams come true, with a secret third story that conceals a delightful tea room with balloons and sweets, as well as other surprise features.

Rainbow Dreamers Cloud Bedroom Furniture

This dollhouse furniture is colorful, cozy and versatile – a perfect match for the Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse. Your child will enjoy all the special little details, such as a bed with a unique unicorn crown canopy.

Rainbow Dreamers Seashell Bathroom Furniture

Your child will love adding this seashell-shaped tub and toilet to the bathroom of her dollhouse.

Shop our Rainbow Dreamers collection today and deliver a truly wonderful surprise your child will always remember!