Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas

Princess Toddler Bed

10 Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas

Redecorating your kids’ room is an opportunity to get creative and whimsical – especially if they have their heart set on a princess room. After all, when else do you get to use sparkly wallpaper or pink furniture? To help you make her magical makeover a reality, here are a few princess bedroom ideas we love so much they make us want a princess room ourselves!

An Enchanted Accent Wall

In any room, accent walls are an attractive focal point. In a kids’ room, they’re a fun way to add some pops of color or patterns that your kiddo loves. And in a kids’ princess room? It’s a chance to get seriously fun and fancy. You can be ambitious with a mural of castles or enchanted forests or keep it relatively simple with some stenciled fleurs-de-lis or pretty wallpaper.

"Fairy" Twinkle Lights

Every princess needs a little sparkle, right? String a few twinkle lights around the room to lend a magical feel to her princess retreat.

Princess-Perfect Furniture

Princess Toddler Bed

Some matching on-theme furniture
is one of the easiest ways to drive home the “princess” theme.

And added bonus? The transition from crib to toddler bed is a little easier when your little princess is extra excited for her new bed.

A Canopy

Hanging a delicate canopy over that adorable princess bed is an easy way to achieve a dramatic effect. They’re fun, easy to install, and somehow manage to look both elegant and whimsical. Just be sure your little one is old enough to sleep safely with a canopy and knows not to try to hang on it. (Holes in the ceiling are not very royal).

A Royal Doll Display

Odds are if your little girl wants a princess room, she has a few favorite princess movies, books, and dolls. A special display shelf will put those royal dolls front and center – as it should be in a princess room, right?

A Wardrobe (full of princess gowns, of course)

KidKraft Dress Up Armoire and Vanity

Another thing that belongs on display in a princess room? All those princess dress-up clothes. Some pegs on the wall or an open dress-up wardrobe will let those gowns contribute to the room’s decor.

A Sparkly Chandelier

Well-chosen lighting is a perfect finishing touch in any room. And what’s a better choice for a princess room than a sparkly chandelier?

A Vanity fit for Royalty

KidKraft Princess Vanity and Stool

If her room has the space, a kid-sized vanity
is a fun way to make your princess feel extra special as she gets ready for the ball… or just for preschool. And if it matches her other princess furniture? Even better.

A Cozy Rug

Fluffy and fuschia or white and regal… whatever fits your vision, an area rug will add coziness and cuteness to tie the room together.

A Castle Dollhouse

KidKraft Disney Princess Dance and Dream Dollhouse

Dollhouses and princess rooms go hand-in-hand… especially when that dollhouse is designed like a royal castle! The KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Dollhouse
, Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dream House, and Disney Princess Belle Enchanted Dollhouse have all the royal vibes to complement your princess bedroom decor.

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