Country Vista Playhouse DIY with Jessica Haw


KidKraft partnered with @haw_haus for a playhouse DIY. All materials and opinions are her own.

Hands down, our favorite thing about social media is getting to see all the gorgeous DIY designs that parents create with KidKraft products. Not sure what we mean? Check them out for yourself! One of our recent favs comes from Jessica Haw of @haw_haus. After taking on tons of projects to update her 1948 home, she’s become something of a DIY-extraordinaire, and that expert touch definitely came in handy when she wanted to customize her sons’ new KidKraft Country Vista Playhouse.
The Country Vista’s unique double doors and dual benches make it a favorite for DIY makeovers and family photo ops. But if you’re brand new to the DIY world (or to assembly projects in general), those Insta-worthy playhouses can be intimidating. But never fear – Jessica’s here to guide you through the process. Read our Q&A with the DIY diva to learn all about her experience assembling and customizing her KidKraft playhouse. (Plus, why her boys love it!)

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We know parents have a ton of choices when it comes to toys. Why was an outdoor playhouse a good product for your kids?

With the pandemic, we have been spending the most time ever at home. I believe in buying products that are open ended which means kids can find different ways to play with it over the years. Adding an outdoor playhouse will cultivate imaginary play which is so important for young kids.

Would you recommend other parents try an outdoor playhouse for their kids?

Yes! An outdoor playhouse for us means more time we can spend outdoors getting fresh air and allows the kids to use their imagination. One day they may use the playhouse as a house, and the next, it may be their school. Having the physical space for the kids will allow them to transform it to whatever they’d like!

Tell us about unboxing the Country Vista Playhouse.

When I unboxed the playhouse, I was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t as many pieces as I thought since some were already connected. It is important to carefully take out each piece.

Parents who are new to DIY projects are sometimes nervous about the assembly process. Tell us about putting together your playhouse!

My husband and I put the playhouse together. He did an inventory check to make sure everything was there.There are definitely a lot of screws and nails, but following the manual to T was really helpful. The great thing about building this was you really only need a drill to build it!

What’s your favorite thing about the Country Vista Playhouse?

I wanted a playhouse that resembled modern farmhouses with a twist and this is exactly what I got! What I love most about the Country Vista Playhouse is that it fits several kids. When we have other kids over for playdates, they can all stand comfortably and fit inside. Also, it is easy to move around the backyard.

What fun spin did you add to make the playhouse your very own?

I ended up painting the entire home to vicariously mimic what my own childhood dream playhouse would look like! I’ve incorporated elements of my favorite colors including pink, green, and gold.

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The kids have watched us build the playhouse from the beginning and during the process, so we didn’t have a huge “Surprise!” moment. But as soon as it was ready, they started bringing in their indoor toys and already turned it into an ice cream store. The kids are looking forward to warmer weather and being outdoors utilizing the playhouse in every element!

Ready to take on your own KidKraft DIY?

The Country Vista Playhouse is a great choice, but it’s not your only option – not by a longshot. The sleek, minimalist design of the Modern Outdoor Playhouse make it another favorite, and ultimately any KidKraft playhouses boasts durable, sturdy wood construction that can easily be painted and customized to match your style. Thanks to clear, thorough instructions and EZKraft Assembly (in select products), now matter which playhouse you choose, you can spend less time assembling and more time customizing and playing!

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