How Long Do Outdoor Playsets Last

How Long Do Outdoor Playsets Last

Before you invest in a playset, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth with a playset that lasts! It’s probably no surprise that we think quality wooden swingsets and playsets are the way to go. They outlast metal playsets and are significantly less expensive than vinyl playsets, making them the perfect combination of durability and affordability. Here’s what you can expect when you choose a KidKraft playset:

How Long Do Wooden Playsets Last When Properly Maintained?

When wooden outdoor playsets are made with quality lumber and are properly cared for, they have a very long life span – usually long enough to see your kids through all their playing years.
From our tiniest toddler outdoor playsets to our largest, deluxe models, we’re proud to say that every KidKraft playset is made with premium cedar. This naturally rot-resistant wood can stand up to the elements for years without the need for dangerous chemicals that are sometimes used to pressure treat cheaper, less durable types of wood. We’re so confident in our materials that we offer a five year warranty for the structural integrity of our lumber against factors like rot and insect damage. With proper care, we expect our playsets to last even longer.
All playset accessories such as slides and swings are covered under a one year warranty, though we would expect them to remain in great condition far longer than this.

How to Maintain Wooden Playsets to Increase their Lifespan

Ensure proper installation

Making sure that your playset is properly installed is important not only for your kids’ safety but for the lifespan of the playset itself. Installing the playset on an uneven surface could lead to uneven weight distribution, stressing certain parts of the wood more than others. Follow our quick tips to make proper installation a breeze.
Also, be sure to choose an installation area that doesn’t collect standing water during rain as this could make the base of your playset more prone to rot.

Apply a yearly water-repellent stain

This simple maintenance step is the best way to extend the life of your playset.. By applying a coat of water-repellant or stain once per year, you’ll protect the integrity of the wood from rot and water damage and keep it looking like new.

If possible, remove plastic pieces during freezing temperatures

All accessories and plastic pieces on KidKraft playsets are extremely durable, but like all plastics, they can become more brittle due to freezing temperatures. Now, a few freezing days or even weeks won’t ruin the structural integrity of your slides and swings – not by a long shot. But overtime, prolonged freezing temperatures can shorten the lifespan of those plastic pieces. Whenever possible, we recommend removing and storing plastic pieces during freezing temperatures to prolong their life, especially if you live in a cold climate with weeks or months of freezing temperatures.

Overall, the exact lifespan of wooden playsets can vary according to quality of materials, climate, and maintenance habits. At KidKraft, we stand by our products with a five year warranty, and with proper care, we expect our quality cedar playsets to last two to three times longer depending on your climate. Shop our full line of wooden outdoor playsets, and be sure to check out our Comprehensive Swing Set Care Checklist to make sure yours lasts for years (and years and years) to come!