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Fits Their Size & Your Décor

We believe that children's furniture has to be both fun and practical. Our kid’s furniture was built at a height that children can easily sit, study, and create. We have also applied current and trendy themes into our furniture. From sleek and modern, to bright and playful, our designs are sure to fit your colour preference and add to your home’s interior design.

Safety is a Priority

We understand that safety is undeniably the most important factor when finding the perfect furniture piece for your kid’s playroom. We have constructed furniture that is built to endure nicks and bumps, through the use of sturdy wood and special features like smoothed corners, stable legs, wall hinges that prevent falls, and safety hinges that protect little fingers. We also work hard to prevent wear and tear with a durable stained or painted finish, keeping your furniture looking fresh for years to come.

Give your kids a space to learn and explore. Our kid’s wooden table and chair sets are the perfect place to finish homework, paint their perfect masterpiece, or have a nice afternoon snack. Inspire young readers with the perfect storage space for reading books or colouring books. Our sling bookshelves are able to display all of their treasured reading material, making each book easy to find again.

Keep your playroom tidy with our kid’s storage bin units and shelving. As the perfect addition to your kid’s bedroom furniture, our storage units allow children to keep their own bedroom or playroom tidy with easy to reach storage bins. Doubling as a bench, our Nantucket storage benches allow you to hide your kids toys until they are ready to be played with again, with little bin cut-outs to prevent pinching.

We have designed our furniture to last throughout many years of your child’s life. Our classic wooden toy boxes are the perfect storage place for an abundance of items. From the early years of diapers and baby blankets to the later years of dolls and sports equipment, make your KidKraft a part of your child’s playroom for years to come.

A splendid collection of kid-sized furniture. Our unique themes and styles are the perfect match to their big little personalities.