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Fits Their Size & Your Décor

Kid furniture has to be both fun and functional. We design to ensure the height is the right size for kids and feels comfortable for them to sit, sleep or reach. We also want to make parents happy, so furniture offers modern or classic silhouettes with on-trend colors to fit in with any home’s styling.

Safety is a Priority

We craft furniture to withstand bumps, scratches and dings, while ensuring your kids receive none of those. Starting with sturdy wood construction, our pieces are cleverly designed with features such as rounded corners, flared stable legs, safety hinges and wall brackets to protect falls and pinches. A durable painted or stained finish keeps the item looking ageless through the years.

Give kids a comfortable place to call their own with furniture designed to suit them and your lifestyle. Kids table and chairs invite little ones to draw, snack or play at a height that’s right. Encourage a love of books by providing reading nooks, bookshelves and comfy chair and ottoman sets to place in the playroom, bedroom or living room.

Make tasks easier for kids with helpful pieces to give them a boost in confidence and independence. Step stools allow kids to reach the sink or cabinets better and safer. Bookshelves and toyboxes are height appropriate so little hands can put their stuff away on their own. Storage units feature wide open bins, sliding doors, pull tabs or cutouts for lid openings so little hands don’t get smushed or pinched. Kid’s desks promote learning at their level. Plenty of writing areas and abundant storage for pencils, paper and more makes these furniture pieces a great investment in their education and your time.

Get extra uses out of kids furniture as the years go by. Toy boxes can start off storing baby blankets, sheets, diapers and stuffed animals in the nursery. Then, it can progress to where all their toys hang out. Later, it can double as a bench for reading. As they grow, use it to keep more bedding and pillows for sleepovers. Toy caddies and lockers may begin as extra spots to keep small toys handy, but can be used later for craft or art supplies, sports equipment or even accessories, such as jewelry, hats, gloves and fun hair and makeup stuff.

Une superbe collection de mobiliers pour enfants. Notre style unique s'accordera à merveille avec leurs personnalités si adorables.