Gifts to Update Your Toddler’s Playtime

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

As your toddler grows and develops new abilities, incorporating a few new, high-quality toys that match the skills they’re working on is a great way to support their development and keep playtime exciting. (Plus, opting for developmentally appropriate toys means your toddler will actually play with their holiday gifts for months or years to come!) And the holidays are the perfect chance to do just that – especially if you’re shopping our Holiday BOGO Bundles! Here are a few of the time-tested, toddler-approved toys sure to update playtime.

Realistic Play Kitchens for Dramatic Play

Unwrap a realistic-looking play kitchen on Christmas morning, and we guarantee your toddler will be whipping up pretend Christmas treats all day long. Play kitchens are great for encouraging practical life skills as well as imaginative and dramatic play. This year you can take advantage of the Holiday bundle with the cute and colorful Morning Sunshine Play Kitchen, the sweet and simple Uptown Elite, the super chic Modern Metallics Farmhouse, or the spacious Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen.

With a variety of sizes, styles, features, and price points, we chose these play kitchens so that everyone could choose one that works for their budget, space, and toddler’s interests.

Outdoor Playset for Active Play

A new swingset is the ultimate “Wow” present, and it’s a gift that comes with years of benefits like tons of motor skill practice and more time spent getting active outdoors. Want to score your playset as part of the Holiday Bundle? You can choose from one of nine options, from the budget-friendly McKinley to the sprawling Bear Cave Lodge Swing Set/ Play Set.

Kid-Sized Tables for Creative Play

Around age 2, toddlers are starting to move beyond the “eating-the-crayons” stage and are getting more interested in actually scribbling and creating. Around age 3, they’ll actually attempt to start drawing shapes and pictures. And at any age, toddlers love playing with sensory activities and other craft materials. Providing them with an ergonomically correct table can help them focus on and feel ownership over types of activities even more as they’re better able to reach their materials and sit comfortably. Plus, they make great setting for tea parties!

Our Holiday Bundle has three options for you: The Farmhouse Table & Chairs and the Arches Expandable Table & Bench Set both seat four. The Arches Floating Wall Desk is a great space saver and makes the perfect homework spot when they start school.

Dollhouses & Play Sets for Imaginative Play

Isn’t there something so classic about an unwrapped dollhouse or train set waiting under the tree on Christmas morning? And even when the holiday decorations are packed away, and the novelty has worn off, dollhouses still get played with as they encourage your toddler to engage in child-led, imaginative play.

For a few classic “girly” dollhouses, check out the Celeste Mansion Dollhouse, the uptown Dollhouse, or the Grand Horse Stable & Dollhouse.

For a more gender-neutral option that blends well with chic, minimalist decor, try the So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse in Boho Naturals. Or for boys or girls who don’t want a dollhouse at all, you can offer similar types of fun imaginative play with the Everyday Heroes Wooden Playset or the Waterfall Mountain Train Set & Table.

To take advantage of our seasonal 50% off discount, simply add any two eligible Holiday Bundle items to your shopping cart, and don’t forget to enter code BOGO50 at checkout!