Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Kids

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Kid-sized furniture is having a bit of a moment thanks to increasingly popular parenting/ educational philosophies like Montessori. The thought is that child-sized tools and furniture help foster independence and give kids ownership of their own spaces. You’ve probably seen a few pint-sized tables, desks, and wardrobes on your favorite parenting accounts! But if those kid-friendly spaces feel out-of-reach for you because square footage is low, don’t give up on the tiny furniture dream just yet! We’ve got some space-saving kids’ furniture ideas that can help!

Floating Wall Desk

Desks are one of the most popular types of kid-sized furniture for good reason. They perform a task that couches and dining room tables just can’t: giving your child their own space to work and focus! Unfortunately, they’re also a relatively large item that doesn’t work for every space. That’s where the Arches Floating Wall Desk can save they day! This innovative desk folds completely flat against the wall, leaving it completely out of the way when not in use.

If you need to share your home office with your child’s homework space, this is the perfect solution to give both of you the space you need! Fold it away during the school day as you work, and release it in the afternoon when they’re home!

Expandable Table & Bench Set

If you have more than one child in need of a homework space, the Arches Expandable Table & Bench Set has room for four to six kids, but takes up way less space than you’d think! The fold out benches easily flip over and out when kids need them and then neatly back under the table when they don’t. Included storage bins add even more space-saving power, making it easy to store craft or school supplies.

Book Nook & Tent

If you love the idea of a play teepee or reading nook for your kiddo’s room but can’t spare the space, this cute little book nook just might do the trick. Built-in shelves mean you can ditch the book shelf to make room for this cozy reading-nook-and-play- tent in one!

Bookcase with Reading Nook

If the tent’s shelves won’t fit all of your child’s books but you still love the cozy vibes, this bookcase with reading nook can give you the best of both worlds: a great place to curl up with a book and plenty of storage.

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