Ideas for Setting up a Kids Reading Corner


Books your kids love + plenty of time to read + a cozy reading spot = recipe for raising a reader. Trips to the local library and building reading into your daily schedule can take care of the first two. And for that reading spot? We’ve got you covered with these tips for setting up the perfect kids’ reading corner.

Get Comfy

First thing’s first. If it isn’t comfortable, it’s not a reading spot. You’ve got plenty of options – floor cushions, kids’ rocking chairs, plush kids’ reading chairs. You know your kids best, so just pick something you think they’ll actually use. And if we may be so bold, we’ve got a few super comfy options we think they’ll love. Our Mid Century Kids Reading Chair comes complete with cushy comfort and an ottoman that lets them stretch out and store a few books. The Mid Century Kids Corner Reading Nook and World of Eric Carle Caterpillar Reading Nook are equally cushy with tons of storage space (and the added fun of one of their favorite book characters!). And last but not least, our bookcases, have built-in reading nooks with cushions on three sides.

Just Add Books

At the risk of stating the obvious, a reading corner needs at least a few books! You can stock their entire library there in a bookshelf or just keep a basket with a few books they’re reading at the moment. Sling shelves are a great middle ground – they’re compact but have plenty of room to display all their favorites.

Light it Up

Honestly, once you’ve created a comfy spot and a place for the books, the rest is just extra – but it can be fun! A little lamp in the corner can help it feel extra cozy and may actually come in handy if it’s a dimly-lit corner. We love the idea of a salt lamp or a lamp with a dimmer switch for some relaxing vibes.

Deck it Out

Some reading-themed wall art is the perfect finishing touch! Framed prints of some favorite quotes or picture book characters are always cute and on-theme. (Check out Etsy for tons of cute, affordable printables.)

Creature Comforts

Okay, so the real finishing touch is whatever entices your little ones to settle in and get reading. That may mean cozy blankets, favorite stuffed animals, a little table or tray for snacks and drinks… or even a big chair so you can join in with a book of your own! Just get them involved, and they’re sure to have plenty of opinions about what will make that reading corner inviting, comfortable, and fun!