KidKraft's Rainbow Dreamers

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Rainbow Dreamers Collection Highlight

If your little girl brings a touch of magic and fantasy to every playtime, she’ll love the Rainbow Dreamers collection. But you don’t have to take our word for it – the Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse was selected as one of the top holiday toys for 2021 by Toy Insider. Here’s why the entire Rainbow Dreamers collection is the best dollhouse (and dollhouse accessories).

Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse

Why Kids Love It

The crown jewel of the Rainbow Dreamers collection is the whimsical three-story Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse, and it’s filled with magic from ceiling to floor. Starting on the top floor, the dolls will be treated to a unicorn mosaic and views of the sky-high swing suspended from the rainbow and cloud floating above the dollhouse. On the next floor, they can enjoy double balconies, a cozy bedroom complete with a rainbow bed, and – best of all – a mermaid tailslide to whisk them down to the mermaid lounge on the bottom floor. There, the dolls can lounge in sea-shell-shaped chairs as they enjoy underwater ocean views or treat themselves to something sweet in the kitchen. And if they want to take a stroll outside, a mini garden scene awaits… with compatibility add on more features from the Rainbow Dreamers collection!

Plus, each item in the Rainbow Dreamers collection comes with a one-horned friend to collect and love. Mousicorn is the magical pal they’ll find waiting for them in the dollhouse!

Why Parents Love It

Now, for the features parents love! Even with the sparkles and bright colors, this dollhouse follows the back-to-basics approach that’s behind all of KidKraft’s toys. Beyond creating toys kids love, we create toys that help them get immersed in brain-boosting imaginative play – no screens required. The Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse is also designed to accommodate dolls of any brand up to 12”. Even the rainbow bed is adjustable, so all of your child’s current dolls can get in on the magic.

Like all of our dollhouses, the Rainbow Dreamers Dollhouse is made from wood and built to last for years to come. If you’re little dreamer already has a dollhouse she loves, you can still add some rainbow-unicorn-mermaid magic to it with the Rainbow Dreamers dollhouse accessories.

Rainbow Dreamers Waterfall Grotto Dressing Room Playset

Mermaid and human dolls alike will love getting glamorous in the Waterfall Grotto Dressing Room alongside their newest sidekick: the adorable Turtlecorn! The waterfall slide swings out to reveal a closet for all the dolls’ favorite clothes, and the sliding clamshell seat can ferry them to the top of the slide or back down again.

With a rainbow handle and a closable closet for all of the accessories, it makes a great on-the-go toy too!

Rainbow Dreamers Treetop Teatime Gazebo Playset

Take the magic outdoors with the Treetop Teatime Gazebo. Accessories include a full tea set, an outdoor bench with storage, plants, and watering cans, and of course Kittycorn! This little outdoor oasis is also designed to fit perfectly with the Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse.

Rainbow Dreamers Cloud Bedroom Furniture

You can dress up any dollhouse bedroom with the Rainbow Dreamers Cloud Bedroom Furniture. A plush, fuzzy blanket and unicorn crown canopy make the bed feel extra luxe. Keep it small for shorter dolls, or expand it to fit dolls up to 12”. Additional accessories like the rainbow shelves and alarm clock add more opportunities for decorating and pretending. When it’s time for bed, dolls can snuggle up with cuddly Teddicorn, or tuck him into his very own pet bed.

Rainbow Dreamers Seashell Bathroom Furniture

If your dollhouse is going to have a bathroom, it should definitely be a mermaid bathroom, right? A full-length mirror and seashell-shaped bathtub and toilet are just the thing to give a magical under-the-sea vibe to any dollhouse bathroom. And don’t forget to let Dophicorn take a swim in the bathtub too!