Kids Room Organization Ideas: How to Organize Kids Rooms

Kids Room Organization Ideas: How to Organize Kids Rooms

We firmly believe that a little mess in a kiddo’s room is a sign of a day well spent. But the transition from “a little mess” to “total toy tornado” happens fast. If you’re struggling to keep up with the chaos, we’ve got ideas to tame the most common mess makers in kids’ rooms: clothes, toys, books, and the bed.


The “Too Small” Box

Convincing a tiny human to put on pants is hard enough. Having to change them again because those pants were too small is downright grueling. Keep that frustration to a minimum by adding a “Too Small” box to your kiddos closet. When they’ve grown out of something, toss it in the box so it doesn't make its way back into their dresser. When the box is full, it’s time to donate the clothes or pack them away for the next kid!

Dresser Dividers

Is it just us, or do kids’ clothes come unfolded way too easily? Adding dresser dividers or baskets to their drawers helps you divide shirts, pants, leggings, etc. so you can and the kids can find what you need...even if nothing is folded.


Small, open toy bins

Big toy chests can be great for large toys and toys that are out of the rotation. But keeping all your little one’s favorite toys (especially the smaller ones) in a large toy box? That’s just asking for a throw-ALL-the-toys-on-the-floor-style mess as your kiddo searches for the one they want. Small, open bins let them see and get exactly what they want without digging through the other toys. No guarantees that they still won’t end up on the floor sometimes, but they’ll be much easier to find and put away!

Toy Caddies

We’re all about toy rotations for keeping kids’ rooms and playrooms neat and organized. Our secret weapon for super easy toy rotations? Toy caddies with handles! They make swapping out activities fast and easy and look way cuter than plastic bags and bins. Even if rotations aren't’ your thing, caddies are a great way for kids to transport their favorite toys and projects around the house without losing all those little pieces.

Toy bin unit


Raising a reader means keeping tons of books around. Unfortunately, as their library grows, so does the challenge of keeping all those books off the floor and in good condition. We think investing in a good book storage solution is well worth it –– it shows your kiddos that books are important and keeps their room from becoming a paperback obstacle course. Whether you go for a traditional bookshelf, a forward-facing sling, or a multi-purpose shelf, just try to keep it kid-sized so they can find and put away books independently.

If a bookshelf isn’t in your budget at the moment, try the rotation method. Keep a few books out in a basket, and store the rest out of reach in a box or bin. Switch them out every week or so until you find a shelf that fits your budget.

Reading Nook Bookshelf


A perfectly imperfect bed-making routine

A neatly made bed gives any bedroom an instant facelift, but we think a kinda sloppy, imperfectly made bed is even better. Why’s that? Because it means your kiddo did it themselves instead of you. Bless.

Teach and empower your child to make their bed themselves (or with minimal help), and try to work it into your morning routine. To make it fun, let go of perfection and let them take the lead. A kinda crumpled blanket? It’s fine. A bed decorated with 18 stuffed animals? Just go with it. It will still look better than a totally unmade bed, and the important thing here is building habits that stick.

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