Kids Bookshelf Styling Tips


Having both function and style in kids’ rooms is possible – even on the bookshelf they use and rearrange everyday. Here are our favorite tips for styling kids’ bookshelves in a way that’s kid-friendly and maintainable!

Books & Bookends

A few favorite kids’ books are a given, right? Shelves tend to look best when there’s a little open space, so don’t fill the entire things with books. Instead, use a kid-friendly bookend (maybe even a heavy wooden toy) to hold them in place.

Baskets & Boxes

Baskets and storage cubes can add a stylistic touch to the shelves and keep clutter out-of-sight. Try wicker or canvas storage cubes for the added textural elements!

Don’t Overcrowd

This tip is pretty basic, but it makes a huge difference in keeping your shelves looking cute. Rotating toys and books instead of keeping them all out at once can help avoid the overcrowding, keeping the bookshelf neat and helping kids focus on one activity at a time.

Stuffed Animals & Classic Toys

While a ceramic vase or glass picture frame might be the perfect finishing touch, they’re definitely not kid-friendly items, especially if you’re hoping for the kids to use the shelf for toys and books. Instead, put a few of their cutest toys ons display to provide those finishing touches, and keep less aesthetic toys hidden in bins and baskets when they’re not being played with.

Add a Plant or Two

Hear us out. We get that plants potentially mean broken pottery and dirt on the floor, but older kids will enjoy the responsibility of watering their own plant everyday, and they can really brighten up the shelf. Go for hardy plants like the Chinese evergreen or devil’s ivy. They both handle under/over watering well.

If your vision includes perfectly styled shelves with breakable knick-knacks, some out-of-reach wall shelves are your best bet. Use them to capture the vibe you want, and then utilize floor shelves for the practical day-to-day. While you can definitely add some style to your lower shelves, you can be sure they’ll get “re-styled” everyday by your kids – as they should be!

Match the Bookshelf to Your Kid’s Room

Seems simple, but it’s easier said than done. Finding quality, cute, kid-sized shelves that match the finishes and colors of your kiddos’ rooms or playrooms can be tough. But we’re willing to bet you can find the perfect one with KidKraft. We’ve got kid-friendly shelves that come in white, natural wood, and dark wood finishes as well as bright, kid-favorite colors. We also offer a variety of sizes and styles, from large shelves with storage bins, to classic bookcases, to cube shelves that double as cozy reading nooks.

Browse all of our bookcases and shelves to find the perfect fit and get to styling it your way!