5 Kid-Friendly Summer BBQ Ideas

KidKraft swing set with lemonade stand

Smoky meats, sweet sauces, and those perfect grill marks. As much as we adults look forward to a good summer BBQ, a full spread of new and unfamiliar foods can be intimidating for kids – especially if they’re picky eaters. Adding a few kid-approved items to your BBQ menu will help ensure fun times and full bellies for everyone. These kid-friendly BBQ ideas require minimal extra effort, and they’re so tasty, you may want to add a few to your plate too.

Grilled Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a kid favorite, and they’re even better with some grill marks and crispy tortillas. Try this grilled quesadillas recipe, or just stick to your usual and give it a few minutes on the grill. Plus, you can use some BBQ meat in the quesadillas to entice picky eaters to try it.

Grilled Fruit

If you’ve never tossed peaches or pineapples on the grill, make sure you try it this season – trust us the kids and your other guests will thank you. Grilling adds just a tad of that smoky flavor, but it also carmelizes the sugars in the fruit and enhances their sweetness, making a The kids can help build their own fruit kabobs, or just grill a few watermelon slices or peach halves. Turn it into a full on, melt-in-your-mouth summer dessert by wrapping the peach halves in foil with butter and brown sugar and then topping with ice cream.

Build-Your-Own Grilled Pizza

What kid doesn’t love spreading out cheese and toppings on their own personal pizza? Make it fun and enticing by setting up a station with all the ingredients kids need to get “cooking”: naan or flatbreads, a jar of pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, and toppings of choice. Once their masterpieces are complete, just pop them on the grill on low heat for a few minutes until the cheese is perfectly melted (be sure to follow these tips to keep the bread from burning.)

Kid-Friendly Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a staple BBQ side dish, but between the raw veggies and thick dressing, many kids won’t even think about touching it. This kid-friendly coleslaw just might change that. The addition of apples, dates, coconut, and vanilla yogurt make for a sweet take on this summer BBQ favorite that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Homemade Lemonade Bar

Get the kids in on drink duty with some homemade lemonade! Younger kids can help squeeze lemons and run taste tests, and older kids can perfect their own recipe with lemons, water, and sweetener of choice. Fresh berries and mint leaves make for pretty add-ins!

Boom. Mealtime covered. Now, just toss in a little outdoor fun for the kids, and you’ve got a party! Our 12 Outdoor Pretend Play Ideas and Tips to Get Your Kids Outdoors can help you out!