How to Clean Wooden Toys

How to Clean Wooden Toys

Thanks to their natural antimicrobial properties, wooden toys are easy to keep clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Here’s our no-fuss guide to cleaning all your kiddo’s wooden toys!

How often should you clean wooden toys?

The short answer? Really not that often! 

The slightly longer answer? It depends on a few factors. Because wood is naturally antimicrobial, harmful bacteria and viruses don’t accumulate on them in the same way they can on plastic toys. In general, you’ll only need to clean your wooden toys when your child has been sick or when you notice some build-up of dirt or other unknown messy substances (because #toddlerlife).

If your baby or toddler likes to mouth wooden toys (and of course they do!), you might want to clean them more often. Favorite teethers may need to be cleaned daily. 

If your wooden toys are being used in a daycare or childcare facility, follow your facility’s guidelines for toy sanitation. (Just avoid soaking them as this can damage the wood!)

What should you use to clean wooden toys?

Simple, all-natural cleaning products will do the trick! Gentle soaps (like castile soap) or vinegar work well. Dilute with water for a 1:4 ratio. For really stuck-on gunk, we recommend making a paste of baking soda and water and scrubbing with a damp cloth. 

How should you clean wooden toys?

There’s really only one rule: don’t soak them. Simple enough, right? A spray bottle of your vinegar or soap solution (see above) and a cloth are usually all you need. This will get your toys clean without causing them to absorb too much water. Let them air dry, and you’re done!

Of course, spraying down entire sets of wooden blocks isn’t something any parent has time for. In this case, feel free to fill your sink with a 1:4 solution of soap or vinegar and water and throw the blocks in. Just remember: this is a dip, not a soak! Swirl them around, then drain, rinse, and dry immediately. You can scrub any that need extra TLC. As long as you don’t leave them submerged, they’ll come out unscathed.

How should you clean outdoor wooden toys? 

Outdoor wooden toys like playhouses are bound to get dirtier than indoor toys, but the same guidelines still apply. A garden hose, a vinegar or castile soap cleaning solution, and a good scrub brush will help you get the job done quickly.

Durability and minimal maintenance? Just another thing to love about wooden toys!