Gender Neutral Dollhouses

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Our Top 6 Gender Neutral Dollhouses

We’ve raved about the developmental benefits of dollhouses before. Dollhouses and doll play can help kids gain social skills and empathy and grow their imaginations. Unfortunately, dollhouses are all too often seen as a “girl toy”... even though boys enjoy and benefit from dollhouses too. Gender neutral dollhouses can be the key to making sure boys still feel free to explore this type of play without social pressure to choose “boy toys” instead. They’re also perfect for girls who’d rather skip the pink and “girly” dollhouses.

Here are a few of our favorite gender neutral dollhouses, so you can make sure every kid in your house feels free to play away!

So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse

If you need a large gender neutral dollhouse that lets multiple kids play at once, the So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse is our top pick. An open natural wood frame gives the dollhouse a clean, minimalist look and lets kids play on every side of the dollhouse. The interior is stylish but simple with gender neutral colors like blue, green, and orange.

Designed by Me: Sticker Fun House

The Designed by Me collection lets kids add their own personal touches to their dollhouses, so they’re highly customizable to kids’ individual tastes. The Sticker Fun House starts with a very neutral base. The exterior is natural wood, while the interior walls feature simple patterns in gender neutral color schemes. From there, kids can decorate them with stickers to create their own dream dollhouse. That means adding anything from basketball goals, barbecue pits, and bikes to flowers and rainbows. The included furniture and accessories come in colors like orange, yellow, and blue.

Designed by Me: Color Decor Dollhouse

The Color Decor Dollhouse is another gender- neutral pick from the Designed by Me line. The base starts with a natural wood exterior and light blue trim. The interior… well, that’s up to the kids. This dollhouse comes with a special coloring book that lets kids choose the background setting for each room and color it to their liking. If none of the coloring pages fit your kids’ tastes, they can get creative by freehanding or printing their own backgrounds or simply leaving the dollhouse open on both sides.

The Rowan Dollhouse

The Rowan Dollhouse has a few traditionally feminine features, but for the most part, it sticks to neutral color pallets, design elements, and furniture. With both girly and boyish-to-neutral features, it’s a great compromise for multiple kids with differing tastes!

The Hometown Heroes Playset

While some of the dollhouses above lean toward the girlier side, the Hometown Heroes Playset definitely has a traditionally boyish feel (though we know little girls love fire trucks and helicopters just as much as the boys do!) This dollhouse-in-disguise features multiple rooms for the included police officer and fireman to work and relax before it’s time to rush off to the next emergency. Playsets like Hometown Heroes are perfect for boys or girls who turn up their noses at “real” dollhouses but still enjoy this type of pretend play.

The Everyday Heroes Wooden Playset

Similar to Hometown Heroes, the Everyday Heroes Playset offers all of the benefits of a dollhouse but is disguised as a more traditional “boy” toy. Overall, It’s a great toy for any boy or girl who loves flashing lights and fire trucks!

We think dollhouses truly can be one of the best gender neutral toys out there. They align with all kids’ natural desire to pretend and role play and help foster their growing imaginations. So, if your child steers clear of all things pink, simply opt for one of our more gender neutral choices instead to give them all the benefits of playing with dolls and dollhouses!