two kids eating snacks on KidKraft outdoor table

two kids eating snacks on KidKraft outdoor table

The Fourth of July comes with a ton of built-in entertainment for kids… I mean what’s cooler than fireworks and parades? Unfortunately, a lot of those activities aren’t so toddler-friendly. (Two-year-olds + late bedtimes + sparklers = recipe for disaster.) But no worries – to make sure the littlest members of the family get in on the July 4th fun, we’ve put together this list of Fourth of July activities for toddlers!

Fizzy Chalk Fireworks

Real fireworks and sparklers are probably still a little (okay, a lot) too dangerous for your toddler to handle, but they can draw and “pop” their own kid-friendly firework paintings with this fizzy sidewalk chalk paint. This super simple chalk paint is a combo of baking soda, water, cornstarch, and food dye. Once they’ve drawn their fireworks on the sidewalk, hand over a bottle of vinegar so they can spray their artwork and watch it fizz!

Red, White, & Blue Fruit Skewers

Your toddler will love that they can actually help make these healthy fruit kabobs. Depending on their skill level, they can chop the banana with a butter knife, place fruit on the skewers, and ( if they’re a bit older) work on their pattern recognition skills!

DIY Sparkler Wands

These sparkler wand crafts are a fun, safe alternative to actual sparklers. They may not be quite as enticing as an actual sparkler, but your little one will still have fun waving and shaking them – not to mention all the fun they’ll have making them with you!

Temporary Tattoos & Face Painting

Even if you’re not an artist, stars, stripes, and fireworks are pretty easy to paint. No matter how they turn out, your toddler is sure to love them! They’ll probably want a turn too, so be prepared to get a few red, white, and blue scribbles on your own face! Be sure to pick up a few bottles of face paint as even the non-toxic craft paints might irritate sensitive skin. Or make it even simpler and just pick up a few packs of 4th of July temporary tattoos.

“Fireworks” in a Jar

These fireworks in a jar are a July 4th-themed take on one of our favorite water activities for toddlers. Just add some water, oil, and a few drops of food coloring to a jar and let them shake away. The oil will create a lava lamp effect as the colors mix around. Add in some glitter or star-shaped confetti for a little extra sparkle.

Red & Blue Dyed Flowers

Dying flowers with colored water is a popular science experiment to teach kids about the vascular system of plants. In this Fourth of July version, White daisies and red and blue food coloring give this classic science experiment a patriotic twist. While your toddler might not understand all the science-y details yet, they’ll still be delighted as they watch the white daisy petals take on red and blue hues throughout the day. They also make a great sparkler alternative for your little one to wave around!

Paper Tube Firework Stamps

Say hello to the easiest, cheapest Fourth of July activity ever. Just repurpose some old paper towel or toilet paper tubes into firework stamps and use whatever paint and paper you have on hand.

Now finish off the planning by adding a few of these Kid-friendly Summer BBQ Ideas to your July 4th menu, and the whole family is set for some Fourth of July food and fun!