Choosing the Right Dollhouse Accessories for Your Toddler

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

A dollhouse isn’t a dollhouse without accessories, right? The cute-and-cozy furniture and handy doll-sized tools add an extra “cool factor” to spark your child’s interest and help them engage in imaginative play.

Here are some factors to keep in mind as you shop around for the perfect dollhouse accessories for your toddler!

Age appropriateness

First thing’s first – small toys are a choking hazard for young toddlers. So if your toddler is still in the puts-EVERYTHING-in-the-mouth stage, some dollhouse accessories aren’t an option. If you still want your little taste-tester to get the benefits of doll play, you can try offering larger dolls (think baby doll or American Girl size) and larger accessories like beds and high chairs.

You may also want to consider your toddler’s fine motor development. Some smaller accessories may be difficult and frustrating for them to handle. You know your child’s abilities best, so use your judgment here. Maybe picking up tiny plates will be a breeze, but if you think trying to wrangle doll clothes onto tiny doll hangers will lead to a major meltdown, maybe you save those accessories for later!


We don’t have to tell you that toddlers can be rough with their toys. It’s important to choose dollhouse accessories that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of playtime. Look for accessories made from sturdy materials that are designed to last like wood or thick, durable plastics (as opposed to thinner, flimsy plastic or accessories made with cardboard pieces).

Size & Scale

Accessories that are too large or too small may not fit properly in the dollhouse and cause some major frustration for your toddler! Most dollhouses are sold to accommodate dolls that are 12” (Barbies and similar dolls), or 18” (American Girl and similar dolls). Size is pretty easy to eyeball if you’re shopping in person, but when you’re shopping online, it can be tougher to tell. Just be sure to read product descriptions to double check that the accessories you choose are the right size and scale for your toddler's dollhouse.

Play value

Opt for accessories that encourage creativity and imagination rather than “passive” play. For example, a doll-sized TV that lights up and makes noise may be cool to your toddler at first, but they can’t actually do much with it. A full set of kitchen tools or a home Gym set, on the other hand, let your kiddo’s imagination take center stage as they actively engage with the dolls and accessories.

Accessories Included with your Dollhouse

Most dollhouses come with accessories – some include basic home furniture, while others get way more elaborate. If you don’t have a dollhouse already, be sure to weigh the included accessories when you make your choice. We have options with everything from beach houses, telescopes and horse stables!

Personal interests

Finally, take your toddler's personal interests into account too. If they love baking cookies, they’ll probably love making their dolls bake cookies with our Kitchen Upgrade set. If they’re a little fashionista, our Master Closet set will let them display their favorite doll clothes and breeze through wardrobe changes.

You can browse all of our doll furniture and accessories and our accessory-packed dollhouses here at!