Birthday Activities for Kids

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Our Favorite Birthday Activities for Kids

We think birthday parties should be fun for everyone – parents included! That’s why we love birthday party activities that are as fun as they are easy. These 8 birthday activities for kids will win you some “cool parent” brownie points with minimal prep and stress, so you can enjoy the party too,

Bubble Wrap “Firewalk”

This activity is easy, cheap, and a kid favorite! All you need is a large roll of bubble wrap! Roll it out in the yard or down the hall if you’re having an indoor party. Then, the kids get to race across it one at a time. For toddler birthday parties, this might be enough entertainment on its own! For slightly older kids, introduce a few rules to make it more fun. Create teams for and play rounds with different rules like trying to pop the least amount of bubbles one round and the most the next. Use your ears to judge!

Nerf Wars

Small Nerf blasters can double as a party favor and a birthday activity in one! As long as you’re fine with Nerf darts flying around during the party, the kids are sure to have a blast, and the activity is pretty hands-off for you! If your child is a Nerf fanatic, an outdoor Nerf battle fort might be the perfect birthday gift!

Balloon Stompers

Each child gets a non-helium balloon tied to their ankle on a long string. Then the fun begins as they chase each other around, trying to stomp and pop on each other’s balloons. The last balloon standing wins! Of course, this game is definitely made for older kiddos since popping a toddler’s balloon is just a recipe for a meltdown. For a more toddler-friendly version, just try a game of “keep up the balloon” instead.

DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths are all-the-rage these days, and kids love to get in on the fun! Set up a simple backdrop using paper streamers or party decorations and provide a few fun props. Don’t worry about having a camera set up – most parents will be glad to use their phones for the photo opp when it’s their child’s turn!


Never discount the classics! Turn on the music, grab a broom or other stick, and let the kids see how low they can go. Older kids can handle the official limbo rules, while toddlers will have a blast just crawling under the limbo pole!

Sidewalk Chalk/ Paint

If you’re planning an outdoor party and have some space on your patio, sidewalk art makes for great low-key entertainment. Chalk is fun, but they’ll be even more enticed to join in by the novelty of homemade sidewalk paint!


Yep… just bubbles! At least for toddlers, popping bubbles provides pretty much endless entertainment, so a bubble machine might be a worthwhile investment. Even older kids enjoy blowing bubbles, so leave out enough bubbles and wands for each guest, and they’re sure to get used!

Activity Stations

We love the idea of setting up different activity stations that the kids are free to explore on their own. This way, the kids are having fun, and the adults aren’t as busy directing the party. Some of the ideas above – like photo booths, bubbles, and sidewalk painting, work great as activity stations. Other ideas include a water play area, a craft table, puzzles, and any toys that multiple kids can play with at once. Any large outdoor toys are going to be kid magnets, so if you have a swing set, sandbox, or playhouse, you’ve already got a few built-in stations!

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