Best Vanities for Toddlers

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Do your makeup brushes mysteriously disappear from time to time? Have you ever been given a “professional” makeover, courtesy of your toddler? Does your little one flip at the chance to wear a touch of lip gloss? If so, a toddler-sized vanity just might be the coolest. surprise. ever. Cue happy dance.

But vanities aren’t just for the budding beauty enthusiasts. They’re also a favorite among Montessori parents who want to empower their kids to get ready independently. Our pint-sized vanities are perfect for both: the posh and the practical. To help you pick the right one for your toddler, here’s a quick breakdown of each of our toddler vanity sets.

Princess Vanity & Stool

As you could probably guess, the Princess Vanity & Stool comes pretty-in-pink with some serious royal vibes. The three-paneled mirror and drawer for storing makeup and hair supplies make it perfect for mini makeovers or just getting ready for preschool. And the golden crown accents will leave your little one feeling like a real princess!

Medium Vanity & Stool

The Medium Vanity & Stool comes in white, and is slightly smaller than the princess vanity. The simple, design and smaller profile make this vanity a great choice for anyone who wants to provide a child-sized “getting ready station” for their toddler. The table and drawer can hold all the essentials, including a Montessori-style water bowl, rag, and other hygiene necessities to facilitate independent grooming. And of course, if you just want a cute makeup and hair station, it’s great for all the beauty essentials too!

Deluxe Vanity & Chair

The Deluxe Vanity & Chair is our largest option, with a full cabinet, shelving, and an actual chair instead of a stool. Ample storage and table space means that this vanity can hold alllll the play makeup and can also function as a desk and homework station!

This is also our most gender-neutral option, making it perfect for families who are looking for a Montessori-friendly “getting ready station” or a desk for their little boy.

Dress Up Armoire & Vanity/span>

Is your beauty junkie also a costume junkie? This armoire-and-vanity-in-one is for you! The mini wardrobe is the perfect place to hang dress up clothes, and the shelves are ideal for costume accessories and more! A mirror, stool, and small shelf sit on the side of the armoire, acting as the vanity.

Want more details before you make your choice? You can shop our Vanities & Dress Up Section for more pics and detailed product specs!