Best Toddler Playsets

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

We might be known for our play kitchens, dollhouses, and swing sets… but we like to think that play sets are one of the things we do best. We love playsets for their ability to appeal to kids with all types of interests. They’re the perfect dollhouse alternative for kids who don’t want an actual dollhouse but love pretend play. So whether your little ones are into cute-cuddly-animals, fire trucks, or aliens, we’ve got a playset that will spark their interest and foster imaginative play. We’re highlighting our favorites to help you quickly find one that’s perfect for your budget and your kiddo!

For Toddlers Who Love Astronauts & Outer Space

Rocket Ship Playset $89.99

Astronauts, aliens, and robots team up (or fight against each other!) in this multi-level rocket ship. A working crane, removable top, and tubs of “radioactive” waste make for a harrowing and interactive outer space experience.

Adventure Bound™: Space Shuttle $54.99

This rocket ship closes up and rolls for a quick trip to the moon, then opens up into a multi-room rocket ship that the astronaut calls home. Our favorite feature is the flexible cable that lets the astronaut “float” in zero gravity!

(And if you want a truly out-of-this-world gift, that turns your toddler into the space explorer, you’ve got to check out our Ultimate Spaceship!)

For Toddlers who Love Animals

Have a little naturalist or aspiring equestrian on your hands? These are the playsets for them!

Sweet Meadow Horse Stable $109.99 or Deluxe Horse Stable Play Set $89.99

These horse stables feature stalls, grooming rooms, outdoor areas, and jumping hurdles… everything horse-loving kiddoes need to spoil their toy horses! The Sweet Meadow is sized for larger horse toys (like the size a Barbie would ride), and the Deluxe is sized for most horse figurine brands.

Safari 2-in-1 Ride and Play with EZ Kraft Assembly™ $109.99

Part riding toy, part African Safari set, this playset is a must for kids who love the zoo or nature shows!

For more details on these playsets and more ideas for animal lovers, check out our Gift Ideas for Toddlers who Love Animals!

For Toddlers Who Love Pirates

Is it just us, or do most toddler TV shows eventually have a pirate episode? If your little one can’t get enough of those scalliwags, we made these playsets with them in mind!

Pirate’s Cove Playset $129.99

Think dollhouse but pirate-themed! A rope ladder, jail cell, cannons, crane, and more make the four-level hideout a favorite with all little pirates. And of course, a pirate’s not a pirate without a ship – this one is made to last with wood construction and fabric sails.

Adventure Bound™: Pirate Ship $54.99

This playset skips the pirate hideout but makes the ship even cooler! It opens so kids can have the included pirate toys explore inside the ship as well as on the deck.

For Toddlers Who Love Cars

Drive. Race. Wash. Repeat… we’ve got your car lovers covered.

Wash n Go Wooden Car Garage $94.99

Three levels of twists and turns and a helipad make this the coolest car wash you’ve ever seen!

Mega Ramp Racing Set $124.99

The elevator and spiral ramp are pretty cool… but the real wow factor of this playset is the racing ramp that launches cars into a daring jump!

For Toddlers Who Love all Things Firefighter & Police

If your little ones love the flashing lights and sirens of firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances, one of these playsets is bound the be a hit!

Adventure Bound™: 2-in-1 Transforming Fire Truck Play Set $54.99

Another riding toy/ playset combo, this one allows your little one to ride around on the firetruck and then open it up into a building…a burning building, that is. But not to worry – the toy fires are no match for the included firefighter and his firefighting tools!

Hometown Heroes Play Set $234.99

A helicopter, cool police motorcycle, firetruck, and some trusty canine helpers – oh and a pole for sliding down the firehouse! This set has everything kids love about firefighters and cops!

Fire Station Set $109.99

A smaller version of the Hometown Heroes set, this one focuses exclusively on the fire station.

Deluxe Fire Rescue Set $164.99

Another multi-level fire station complete with a sliding pole…but this one comes with a few extra features like an ambulance and space for the fire fighters to play basketball or work out!

If you want more details on the playsets we mentioned or need to browse a little more before you decide, you can check out all of our playsets here!