Play Kitchens Roundup: Our Best Play Kitchens for 2023

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Play kitchens are always a fan favorite with little chefs. Between the adorable and durable designs and fun play features, these play kitchens are some of our favorites and are sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

Modern Metallics Farmhouse Play Kitchen

The Modern Metallics Farmhouse Play Kitchen is a favorite with parents thanks to its ability to blend with almost any decorating style. If you love modern clean lines, you’ll love the minimalist design. If you prefer a more rustic, cottage core aesthetic, you’ll love the natural wood finishes and charming vegetable planters.

More importantly, kids love this play kitchen too – but more for the fun features than the great design. The choppable veggie toys and planters let them grow, harvest, slice, and cook from their own little garden, and they love writing or drawing the daily specials on the included chalkboard. Metallic cookware and the light and sound effects on the faucet and stove make play time feel even more realistic and “grown up.”

Boho Bungalow Wooden Play Kitchen

The Boho Bungalow Wooden Play Kitchen has all the breezy boho vibes. From the colorful backsplash, to the geometric planter, to the trendy tasseled curtains, this play kitchen is effortlessly chic. The working ice dispenser and light up stove burners make it irresistible to kids who love to play pretend.

Create & Cook Kitchen Set

If you want a play kitchen that comes with everything your kiddo needs to get cooking right away, the Create & Cook Kitchen Set is for you. In addition to the adorable, vintage-inspired play kitchen, you get 56 accessories, including cookware, ice cream scoops and cones, and choppable fruits and veggies. Best of all, this set includes three of our most popular and creative food sets: avocado toast, apple pie, and peach popsicles.

Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen + 21 Accessories

The Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen and Accessories is another combo that comes with fun accessories to let kids get creative and start playing as soon as they open it. With realistic features like a light-up stove and sound effects as well as 21 interactive accessories, it’s a great bang for your buck. Slicing and dicing carrots in the cutting board is always a kid favorite. Then, they can add it to a pot for soup or sizzle up some eggs for breakfast. The Let’s Cook Kitchen is also a favorite for parents who need a smaller play kitchen to fit in their space but don’t want to skip out on the fun features that come with deluxe play kitchens.

Pizzeria & Delivery Food Stand

For a fun twist on your usual play kitchen, the Pizzeria & Delivery Food Stand takes your little one out of the home kitchen and into the bustling restaurant life! Your little pizza chef can take orders, craft the perfect pizza, ring up your total, and serve the final product to their happy customers. The working conveyor belt lets your little one run their own pizza assembly line, so they can add toppings in record time. When it’s time to bake, they’ll finish the pie off in the magic broiler oven that changes the color of the pizza and beeps when done. Want your pizza to go? We’re sure they won’t mind packing it up in the to-go boxes and tote bag and delivering orders.

Minnie Mouse Bakery & Café

The Minnie Mouse Bakery & Café is another fun spin on typical play kitchen and is perfect for the Minnie Mouse-lover in your life (or any kid with a sweet tooth!) This little kitchen is all about the sweet treats and comes with interactive cookie cutters, baking mixes, cupcakes, and rolling pin. Best of all, they get to bake with Minnie herself as she holds up the recipe cards for them to follow. With its small dimensions, this kitchen is also a great option for anyone who needs their play kitchen to fit in a tight space.

Want to see more options before you decide? You can browse KidKraft’s entire line of wooden play kitchens.