KidKraft Parent Series: Family Favorite Pretend Play Activities

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Family Favorite Pretend Play Activities

From preparing kids for real-life scenarios to boosting their emotional intelligence, pretend play is essential for every child’s development. That’s why “Made for Make Believe” is the motto behind everything we make at KidKraft– and why KidKraft toys will always be a huge part of playtime in our own homes! As part of our KidKraft Parent Series, we asked two KidKraft parents to share how they use KidKraft products to foster fun, brain-boosting pretend play for their kids. Here are some of their kiddos’ favorite toys and pretend play ideas!

How does your family like to play together?

TAYLOR: We love just being silly and creative together. We'll do crafts, play dolls or dress up or just make up really elaborate characters for each other and see how long we can keep the story going!

LEAH: We love playing board games together. We started a collection when they were young and keep adding to it throughout the years. There's always something to play when we have those stormy Texas days or a Friday night in. And of course, imagination and pretend are a huge part of how we play together daily.

What are your family's favorite KidKraft toys?

TAYLOR: Our favorite KidKraft toys are dollhouses and play kitchens. Pretend play is what our daughter has always gravitated toward. Those toys do a really great job of giving kids enough of a framework to play while still leaving a ton of room for their individual imaginations to push the limits, so they’re a perfect fit for the way our daughter loves to play!

LEAH: We love the Farm to Table Kitchen! It comes with so many accessories that aren’t included in most play kitchens. One of our favorites is the planter boxes with “choppable” veggies – they let the girls pretend like they’re really growing and cooking their own food! They pair it with the Let's Pretend Shopkeeper Stand, so they have a whole setup to grow, cook, and sell food from their little “restaurant.”

What are your kids’ favorite ways to pretend with KidKraft toys?

TAYLOR: Our dollhouses are so fun because they can be so much more than a dollhouse, and we often pretend one is a hotel, a school, or even a vet's office for all her little doll pets. Kitchens are equally as fun because we'll make them a restaurant or burger shop and create wacky food combinations.

LEAH: The girls love pretending they have a store/market setup with a-la-carte food items and drinks. Then they can wrap up their snack stop and move on to pretend shopping!

How does KidKraft help your family with pretend play?

TAYLOR: What I love most about our pretend play toys is really that balance between real life and imagination. We give kids a kitchen that looks realistic so they can mimic mom or dad, but we incorporate really fun features that we know kids love and features that we know are important for development. We give them a base, and their imaginations take it from there!

LEAH: All of the KidKraft toys in our home bring so many opportunities for imaginary play. They have just the right balance of real life details and fun play features. This has helped our girls really engage with the toys but also understand and prepare for real-life situations by allowing them to imagine and explore creative responses.

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