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Responsibility, safety and integrity are the foundation of KidKraft.

Responsibility is – and has always been – our pledge to you and your children. Our very business depends on earning your faith in the safety of our products and the integrity of our company.

Every KidKraft product is safety-inspected by accredited independent labs, as well as by our own Dallas-based inspection teams. Throughout the production process, from design to fabrication and distribution, individual product components are continually reviewed to ensure they meet the most stringent regulatory requirements in the industry. More than any other, safety is the guiding principle in our design process.

Our commitment to integrity extends to our suppliers and manufacturers as well. KidKraft respects human rights, and requires full transparency of everyone along our supply chain. Our global compliance team works closely with each of our partners to verify ethical sourcing and employment practices that meet our own rigorous code of conduct. We seek business partners who share our commitment to the betterment of wage and benefit levels around the world.

As we continue to improve our products, safety, integrity and respect will remain the foundation that supports our company, guides our design and inspires our employees from concepting to distribution.


The KidKraft Family