12 Playhouse Decor Ideas

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Playhouses are just too cute to not want to decorate them a little. I mean, who can resist tiny wreaths and picket fences?

And the interiors? Tiny furniture? Cozy reading nooks? We’re all about it.

Here are some of our favorite playhouse decorating ideas for swoon-worthy playhouses:

For the exterior

Planter Boxes & Wreaths

Tons of our favorite KidKraft playhouse DIYs feature adorable tiny wreaths and planter boxes. They’re an easy, inexpensive way to add a lot of extra cheer to the playhouse. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCJbH8KpbES/


Sure, the mail person isn’t coming to visit, but tiny mailboxes just look so precious – plus, they give you the chance to sneak sweet notes to your kiddos as they play. If your playhouse didn’t come standard with a mailbox, adding a little letterbox like this one is easy.

Custom Paint Job

If you’re up for a bigger project, a custom paint job can give your playhouse the exact vibe you’re looking for – from storybook cottage to farmhouse to modern. We’ve been so inspired by all of the custom KidKraft playhouse paint jobs we see on Instagram that we made a playhouse just for that purpose: the Modern Outdoor Playhouse in White is the perfect blank slate for whatever color scheme you or your littles can think up.

Kids DIY Playhouse

String Lights

Now that daylight hours are getting shorter, outdoor twinkle lights are a fun way to add a little magic to evening play. We especially love the look of Edison bulbs for lining the edge of your playhouse. Just be sure to use lights made for the outdoors!

Welcome Mat

Simple, precious, and practical, adding a welcome mat to your kiddo’s front door is a cute way to keep it clean and welcome friends inside for a playdate.

Kids Playhouse with welcome mat

Holiday Decorations

If you’re like us, you have a little too much fun decorating for the holidays, and you might have just a few too many decorative pumpkins and snowmen in the attic. So spreading some holiday fun to the playhouse every season is a no brainer. We love these cozy fall decorations on our Hobby Workshop playhouse and these not so spooky Halloween decorations on our Country Vista model.

Kids Playhouse with decorations

If you do decorate your KidKraft playhouse for fall or Christmas this year, be sure to share and use #kidkraftkids. We’d love to see what you come up with.

For the interior

With the outside looking inviting and adorable, next comes the question: what do you put in a playhouse? After all, this is where all the magic and make believe really happen!


Decorative and super fun for kids to open and close, curtains effortlessly dress up your little one’s own personal hideout. Café curtains are usually just the right size for playhouse windows.

Kid-sized furniture

Depending on the size of your playhouse, a piece or two of kid-sized furniture could be a great addition. While you don’t want to overcrowd the space, furniture can add to the realism of the playhouse and help facilitate more imaginative roleplay.


While you might be tempted to fill the shelves yourself, you’ll have more fun seeing what your littles decide to put on them. Some favorite toys, their own artwork, a collection of pinecones or feathers… the possibilities are really endless with kids.

Cushions & pillows

Even as an adult, cuddling up in a personal getaway with your favorite book sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A few fluffy cushions or pillows can turn the playhouse into a cozy outdoor reading nook. Of course, to avoid mold or mildew, make sure to use outdoor cushions.


Rugs are another playhouse accessory that can up the coziness factor. Again, be sure to go for outdoor rugs to avoid mold and mildew.

Kids Playhouse

Outdoor toys & games

The playhouse can be an ideal place to store a few outdoor toys. It will (mostly) protect them from the elements, and kids will have easier access to them than if they were stored in a shed or garage. While big toys like basketball hoops will take up too much space, smaller things like miniature golf sets, balls, and gardening or sandbox tools make for fun additions to playhouse time.

For more playhouse decorating and accessory ideas, keep up with us on Instagram. Parents are always wowing us with the way their playhouse DIYs, and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration too. And if you’re still searching for the perfect playhouse to decorate, our quality wooden playhouses have classic, aesthetic designs and “great bones” for any projects you have in mind.