Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Kids Outdoor Furniture

Kids hunting for easter eggs outside around a KidKraft playhouse

We believe that kids’ furniture should be durable, adorable, and of course, kid-sized. And when it comes to outdoor kids’ furniture, it’s got to be ready for the wind and the rain too! How do you find something that checks all the boxes? Follow these six tips for choosing cute, quality outdoor furniture for your kids, and you’ll end up with something you and your kids will love!

Match your outdoor aesthetic

Well-designed outdoor kids’ furniture made with quality materials is way less likely to clash with your outdoor style. A hot pink plastic chair matches nothing, but pint-sized versions of your own “grownup” outdoor furniture are adorable. Tons of parents love our kid-sized Adirondack chairs for just this reason! They’re a popular style for adult outdoor furniture, but quality kid-friendly versions are tough to come by.

Make the kids comfy

If you actually want your kids to use the furniture you buy them, it has to be comfortable! Cushions, reclined seatbacks, and proper sizing are all factors to consider. If you’re buying online, read product reviews to gauge the comfy factor.

Stay shady

Sunburns are zero fun. That’s why built-in umbrellas and canopies can be lifesavers on hot, sunny days. Our kids’ picnic tables have shady umbrellas that are functional and adorable, and our kids’ outdoor chaise lounges are outfitted with umbrellas or three-sided canopies for maximum shade.

Get enough for everyone

Nothing turns the backyard into Tantrum Town like your kids fighting over who gets the cool chair. If you’ve got multiple kiddos, avoid the headache and make sure they all have an equally comfy, equally cool place to sit. Our double chaise loungers and table and chair sets are great for siblings!

Read those product descriptions

Not all kids’ furniture is built to stand up to the elements. Make sure the products you’re looking at are specifically advertised as outdoor furniture. (Some items might look like they’re meant for the outdoors but are actually intended for indoor pretend play). With wooden furniture, look for terms like weather-resistant or pressure-treated. For cushions and fabric, look for terms like waterproof, water-resistant, and/ or antimicrobial. Reading product descriptions will also give you a good idea of how to care for your outdoor furniture so it can last for seasons to come! You’ll usually want to store cushions in a covered area when not in use, and reapply a water repellant to wooden furniture once a year.

Shop early if possible

If at all possible, don’t wait until summer to buy your kids’ outdoor furniture. Shopping early can result in faster shipping time and a wider selection, and your kids’ furniture will arrive in plenty of time for those sunny days!

Speaking of shopping… browse all of KidKraft’s outdoor furniture to find the perfect kid-friendly addition to your backyard, porch, or poolside!