Best Outdoor Toys for Small Yards

White modern playhouse with boy holding stuffed animal

Yards don’t have to be big to be fun. (Just ask your kids!) But shopping for outdoor play structures can be tough if you don’t have a ton of room to spare in your yard. No worries, friends. We’ve got your guide to big fun in little spaces with these outdoor toys for small yards!

Small Footprint Swing Sets & Play Sets

Love the idea of a swing set for your kids but not sure if you have the room? Check out these small footprint swing sets before you decide for sure! Remember, when you’re measuring your yard, it’s not just the dimension of the swing set you’ll need to account for. The real deciding factor is the “safety zone” – an obstacle-free area around the swing set that’s covered with protective surfacing like wood chips. We’ve done the work for you by calculating exactly how much space your kids will need to play safely on their swing set.

Ainsley Outdoor Playset

The Ainsley’s dimensions and design make it great for small yards. The slide faces in the same direction as the swings (as opposed to facing to the side), so your safety zone doesn’t have to stretch quite as far.
Safety Zone Size: 22’ 3” x 28’

Appleton Swing Set

The Appleton Swing Set is another small footprint swing set made with tiny yards in mind. A built-in sandbox saves even more space, giving your little one another classic outdoor toy without taking up any more space.
Safety Zone Size: 22’ 3” x 28’

Park Tower Swing Set

Children will love the triple swings—plenty to share the air with friends. Kids can clamber up the rock wall or they can exercise their arms with the monkey bar rungs that traverse over to the expansive tower landing.
Safety Zone Size: 201.57 x 128.58 x 107.46


No room to run around? Head upwards instead! If you’re buying a swing set or playset for your small yard, consider one with built-in climbing features (nearly all of our playsets have at least one!) Or opt for our standalone climber for toddlers and preschoolers:

A-Frame Hideaway & Climber

Coming in at just 41” x 27.5,” this little climber fits almost anywhere and doubles as a play tent.
Safety Zone Size: 15’ 6” x 14’ 4”


Big fun in a small space, playhouses are an ideal outdoor toy for small yards. Playhouses don’t vary in size as much as swing sets do, so even the bigger, deluxe playhouses still fit just fine in most small yards. Here are some of our favorite picks for small spaces:

Patio Party Playhouse

Time to fire up the grill and invite family and friends over! Kids and parents alike will love the openness of the wooden Patio Party Playhouse from KidKraft. With a door and expansive windows, there's plenty of room to play and interact both inside and outside the house.

White Modern Outdoor Playhouse

One of our most popular playhouses, the White Modern Playhouse is primed and ready to be customized – plus, it’s just the right size for small yards! The cute attached picnic table gives you even more fun per square foot, providing the perfect spot for backyard picnics.
Dimensions: 70.08" x 48.9" x 62.24"


Sandboxes are another great outdoor toy for small spaces. Since they enable constructive and sensory play instead of highly active play, they’re an excellent way to let kids enjoy the outdoors even when they don’t have room to run around. And with no required safety zone, you only need to account for the measurement of the sandbox itself.

Browse through our entire outdoor collection to find the outdoor toys right for your kiddos and your yard. Not sure if the toy you’ve got your eye in will fit in your space? Click on Technical Information and/or Assembly Instructions for product dimensions and safety zone measurements.