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Spinning Light-up Propellers

The child-friendly propellers feature spinning lights and swoosh sounds—just like a real helicopter.

3 Ways to Play

Get ready for action with takeoff, hover and landing modes.

360˚ Rocking Motion

Side-to side, all-around movement ignites sounds and lights for a fully immersive experience.

Blaster Launcher

Rescue with grappling hooks and shoot water cannons with amazing aim and speed.

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Wildly Fun, Realistic and Durable!

The Ultimate Helicopter has kept my kid overjoyed and occupied for literally hours this month. It is definitely an immersive experience; the lights, sounds and movement make it surprisingly realistic and fun.
- AmberK85

So Fun!

This interactive helicopter toy is so fun for your little one. Lights, firing aspects and sounds make it engaging and interactive. Perfect sizes for little ones to sit on and play. If your child loves helicopters or planes they will love this toy!
- huntsmom


This is really cool. I have never seen anything like it! It rocks a bit and simulates a helicopter. So many different lights and sounds and activities. Kids can pretend to fly and rescue people. So much fun and learning opportunities
- Amym

Kids loved it!

My children absolutely loved this toy. The size was great and the whole thing was well made. The kids favorite part was the lights and being able to shoot the little dart!
- Angieh