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  • Reversible Tops

    Double the fun! Activity table tops feature a printed landscape or a solid surface for building or creating your own designs.

  • Built-in Storage

    Many tables offer bins, drawers, mesh bags or buckets for built-in spots to stow-away the pieces.

  • Create Your Path

    Wooden train tracks easily fit together so kids can build their own adventures. Add on with an expansion track pack.

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Trains, Planes & Dinosaurs?

Yep, wherever dinos roam is where we want to be. And, we know our little explorers do too. That’s why we created a land of adventure where fiercely cute creatures become your tour guides through prehistoric places. Adventure Tracks™ Dino World is our first expedition into sites where animals reign supreme. Track sets are sold individually or all as one complete mega set.

Best on the Block

Yes, technically any table can become a place to construct building blocks or bricks. But, KidKraft building block activity tables let you create masterpieces. With durable, long-lasting wooden construction, high edges so bricks don’t slide off, and rounded corners for smoother, safer play, our tables are legs above the competition. Built-in hidden storage lets you simply slide all the pieces inside for a fresh, clean look. Plus, many tables offer smooth surfaces for other creative, artistic play. Some, like our Ultimate Creation Station, devotes all its space to multiple hands-on creativity.

Sightsee without Leaving the House

Taking trips is easy when you have train sets to transport you. Kids can check out quaint mountain towns, serene farms or bustling construction sites with KidKraft wooden train sets. Rumble over bridges, through waterfalls, and around curves to arrive at villages or big cities where the locals are all friendly and willing to lend a hand. Set the scene with trees, signs, buildings and more accessories to help fit in. You’ll probably even want to extend your visit.

Kids can create and explore their own worlds with our interchangeable train sets.