• You will receive a call from a KidKraft Installation team member within 48 hours of purchase to arrange delivery/ installation date. This will be your personal contact during the entire process.
    • Note: A customer representative 18 years old or older MUST be present at the time of delivery and during the entire installation of the product
    • You will be given a 4-hour window for delivery of the product and installation will commence upon delivery
    • KidKraft will email you confirmation of delivery and installation date along with the name of your installer           


    • Weather must permit safe assembly. Rain/ wet ground/ temperature must be over 45 degrees or installer will need to reschedule – determination of whether delivery and assembly needs to be reschedule due to weather and/or site related conditions shall be at the sole discretion of the Installer**
    • Have placement of playset established, must be on level ground with an obstacle free safety zone as outlined in your instruction manual. Please watch our video to help prepare


 How to Prepare Your Yard

  • Please ensure the area you have chosen is free of overhead obstacles, sprinkler equipment, and has no buried utilities that will interfere with installation
  • Make sure there is a clear pathway for the installer to carry the play set and his/hers tools into the allocated area, any debris removed
  • Ensure there is space for the Installer to unpackage and assemble playset
  • Installer shall have sole discretion as to whether conditions allow installer to safely and properly install the product
  • Please do not let children/ pets around the playset during assembly, their safety is our number 1 concern!


    • The Purchaser will be required to inspect the assembled product at the time installation and assembly has been completed to ensure the unit and assembly services have been performed to Purchaser’s satisfaction before Installer leaves the installation and assembly site
    • All packaging and debris related to the delivery and assembly of the product will be removed from site by Installer
    • Protective Surfacing (such as mulch, rubberized mulch) should be added only AFTER the playset has been assemble
    • Please refer to your Instruction Manual for Maintenance tips to getting longevity out of your playset




    • If you need to cancel or reschedule your delivery and installation date, Purchaser must provide KidKraft with notice 48 hours prior to the start time of your delivery and installation window in order to avoid additional charges related to delivery and installation
    • Your Installation is warranted for 30 days

**Delivery and installation services are provided by a 3rd party service provider ** Some areas are excluded from installation


Installation FAQs

  • Outdoor installations may need to be rescheduled for the following conditions
    • Inclement weather
    • Temperatures 45 degrees or below
    • Saturated grounds due to previous heavy rain or snowfall.  

  • Does the location of my playset have to be level?
    • Yes

  • Will the installation team level my ground prior to installation?
    • No, the customer is responsible for leveling the ground

  • Can sprinkler lines/heads be compromised by my installation? 
    • Yes, it is possible damage can occur to sprinkler systems.  The installation team is required to drive stakes into the ground to secure the unit.  Make sure to sprinkler heads and lines are marked near the installation area.

  • Once my playset is installed, can I have it moved? 
    • Yes, but there will be additional financial costs to do so.

  • How much space is required to be available around the location I want my playset installed? 
    • Please refer to the assembly instruction manual.

  • What do I do if parts are damaged prior/during the installation? 
    • The installation team will document the part information and submit to KidKraft to be replaced.  Depending on which parts are damaged, the installation may have to be placed on hold until replacement parts have arrived.

  • Do I need to be home during installation? 
    • The homeowner is required to be home for the completion of the installation and sign off on the proof of assembly form.

  • What happens with the trash after completion of my playset? 
    • The trash will be consolidated and left on the property in a spot designated by the customer.

  • Is anything required of me to maintain my playset after installation?