What Are KidKraft Toys Made From?

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

It’s no secret that KidKraft is known for wooden toys. But if you’ve ever wondered exactly what goes into a KidKraft toy, you’re not alone. More and more parents are researching what goes into their kids’ toys in an effort to make eco-friendly choices, avoid potential health hazards, and choose durable toys that last.

So what are KidKraft toys made from? In this post, we’re covering some of the most common materials used in our bestselling dollhouses, play kitchens, train sets, playhouses, and outdoor playsets.

Solid Wood

We use cedarwood in all of our outdoor playsets and playhouses due to its strength, sustainability, and natural rot-resistance. Our wood comes pre-treated with a safe water-repellent that helps avoid premature weather damage to your playset.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

All KidKraft dollhouses and play kitchens feature a wood frame, which usually consists of some solid wood pieces and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). MDF is a high-quality engineered wood product that is known for its durability as it’s significantly denser and stronger than other engineered wood products like particleboard. We only use CARB-compliant MDF, meaning our MDF has been tested to ensure it meets the strictest safety standards when it comes to emissions of VOCs and formaldehyde.


Although wood provides the main structures for our best-selling toys, many of our toys also feature plastic pieces and accessories. Because kids’ safety is our top priority, we only plastics that are free of BPA and PVC. In fact, we only use polypropylene, which is largely considered to be the most stable plastic (i.e. the least likely to leach chemicals) and the safest for human health.

Oil-Based Paints

Even the paint on your kids’ toys is something to consider! We only used oil-based, non-toxic paints, and of course, our paints are completely free of lead and other hazardous materials.

Our Safety Standards

We’re committed to making sure that all KidKraft products – and the materials used to make them – are safe for your family. All of our products are safety-inspected by independent labs, and we actively monitor our supply chain to make sure all of our partners comply with our standards for safety, ethical sourcing, and employment practices. For more information, see our full statement on our commitment to safety.

Want to Know More?

Want more information on a specific KidKraft product? Go to any KidKraft product page, and click “Technical Information” for a list of the materials used in that product. Or get in touch with us at customerservice@kidkraft.com. We proudly stand by the safety of all of our toys and materials, so we’re always happy to answer your questions!.