How to Store Your Outdoor Kids Furniture

two kids sitting on kidkraft chaise lounge

Proper storage is key to maintaining any outdoor furniture – and your little ones’ pint-sized outdoor kids’ furniture is no exception. A few basic storage tips are all you need to avoid a mildewy mess and keep your kids’ furniture in tip-top shape for years.

Store Cushions Between Uses

Cushions are usually the first part of outdoor furniture to show wear and tear. Moisture is the enemy here. Even though fabric on outdoor furniture is usually weather-resistant, it can still only take so many soaks in the rain before mold, mildew, and unpleasant smells set in. The best solution is to keep cushions stored out of the elements when not in use. A covered porch that doesn’t get rain, a shed, garage, or a deck box are all great options for storing your cushions.
We think a deck box on your back patio is the perfect solution. The cushions will be completely protected from the elements in the waterproof box, and they won’t get dirty and dusty in the shed or garage. Best of all, your kids can access them completely on their own anytime they want to lounge on their outdoor furniture.

Store for harsh winters

If you live in an area with harsh winters, the kids probably aren't doing many backyard picnics or poolside lounge sessions in the winter months anyway. To protect the wood from the effects of freezing temps, go ahead and store them in the shed or garage until the weather warms up again. No room? Just cover them loosely but securely with a tarp to avoid a build-up of snow and ice.

Not storing? Apply a water-repellent stain (as needed)

Quality wooden outdoor furniture is pretty tough – with proper care, you may not need to store it at all. If you have temperate winters prefer to keep your kids’ furniture out year-round, applying a water-repellant stain every now and then will help it stay in its best condition. If your kids’ furniture is usually in an uncovered area, you may want to apply this stain every year just as you would for a wooden playset. If it stays under a covered area like your porch, you may only need to apply the stain every few years.

Keep umbrellas from blowing away

Patio umbrellas are perfect for creating your own shade on sunny days, but you’ll want to take special care to store them. Even the small versions in kid-sized picnic tables can still get damaged on a super windy day. To keep them from blowing away or breaking, keep them closed when not in use. If you’re expecting any strong winds, it’s best to store them in the house, shed, or garage. And if you want to keep the fabric looking new, go ahead and bring it indoors or under the porch any time it’s not in use.

That’s it! Thankfully our kids’ chaise lounges, Adirondack chairs, and table and chair sets are durable and low-maintenance, so storage is simple!