Best Toys for Six Year Olds

Best Toys for Six Year Olds

From graduating kindergarten to losing their first baby teeth, six is a big year for your little one. And their play is changing at this age too. Thanks to growing imaginations and planning skills, they’ll start creating more complex structures with blocks and bricks and immersing themselves in complex pretend play for longer periods of time. Their social play is developing too as they learn to work with their peers and siblings to set the rules for their pretend worlds. At this age, they’ll love toys that allow them to explore their growing art and building skills and toys that support realistic pretend play...especially when there’s room for a friend to play too! Need some inspiration? Our list of best toys for six year olds is sure to have something they’ll love!

Best Toy for Pretend Play: KidKraft Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen & Market $299.99 Only on Amazon

Play kitchens are a classic way for kids to engage in role-playing and develop real-life skills as they play. The KidKraft 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen & Market takes those real-life skills into the 21st century, letting kids practice responsible technology use with kid-friendly Alexa (parental consent and Amazon Echo dot required). Alexa will guide them to develop real-world skills as they shop and pay for their groceries on the market side and cook on the kitchen side. Even without Alexa, this kitchen offers a wealth of pretend play opportunities with interactive sounds and accessories. They’ll feel like the real deal as they pretend to own their own shop, create a menu, and prepare all their favorite meals.

KidKraft Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen & Market

Love the idea of a play kitchen but need a budget-friendly alternative to the Alexa 2-in-1? Check out the KidKraft Boho Bungalow Play Kitchen ($129.99) only at Target.

KidKraft Boho Bungalow Play Kitchen

Best Toy for Encouraging a Love of Music: Lil’ Symphony Guitar $24.99

At six years old, your budding musician is beyond the “hitting and banging” stage of playing with instruments and is likely interested in attempting real music. With Lil’ Symphony Guitar, they can get familiar with the parts of a guitar and practice tuning and strumming. They’ll love that it has the look of a real guitar – just like their favorite musician’s. With strings, tuning knobs, and a realistic neck and body, this toy guitar is as close to “real” as you can get while still being a toy.

Lil’ Symphony Guitar

Best Educational Toy: Building Bricks Play N Store Table $99.99

While you might not think of building blocks as an educational toy, constructive play is actually highly beneficial for your child’s developing math skills. In fact, how kids play with building blocks as preschoolers have been found to predict their math skills, even well into the high school years. The Building Bricks Play N Store table makes it easy to incorporate constructive play into your kids’ daily routine – without covering your floors in a building brick minefield (ouch!). The table has ample built-in storage, making clean up a breeze.

Need an option that takes up less space? The On-the-Go Building Block Set ($24.99) may be tiny, but it holds a surprising number of bricks (100 to be exact!), allowing your kids to get creative anywhere.

Best Toy for Arts & Crafts: Create N Play Art Easel $109.99

Six year olds are nothing if not creative. (I mean where do they come up with those stories, anyway?) And every parent knows they love expressing that creativity in paintings, drawings, and crafts. You may also notice that at this age, they get a bit more particular about their artwork, attempting to draw more realistic pictures or being extra choosy about their colors. A full-size art easel is a great way to put that creative expression front-and-center, encouraging them to explore and expand their skills.

The Create N Play Art Easel lets them do it all – dry erase, chalk, paint, and color – while staying mess-free with built-in storage caddies and paint cups. The Tabletop Easel ($34.99) is another great pick, especially when space is limited.

Tabletop Easel

Best Toy for Six Year Old Girls: Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly $139.99

Six year olds are reaching another level with their pretend play as their storylines and “characters” grow more complex, and they’ll appreciate the extra details of a high-quality dollhouse. With beautifully detailed backgrounds and furniture, the Charlotte dollhouse is a hit with kids of all ages but especially school-age girls who love the realistic details it provides for their pretend play. This dollhouse accommodates 12”, the perfect size for your six year old’s Barbies and other favorite dolls. At four feet high, the Charlotte gives them enough room to play with friends and siblings for hours of imaginative play.

Best Toy for Six Year Old Boys: Hometown Heroes Play Set 209.99

Dollhouse play is highly beneficial for both boys and girls as they immerse themselves in imaginative play and practice social situations. Unfortunately, boys often face pressure to stop playing with dollhouses once they reach school-age years. The Hometown Heroes Play Set solves that problem, providing all the benefits of dollhouse play while aligning with your little guys’ other interests. Both boys and girls love the Hometown Heroes set, but we’ve found that it’s a huge hit among boys who love all things first responder. The included firefighter and police officer are ready for the call along with their trusty canine side-kicks. Your kids can help them spring into action at a moment’s notice, sliding down the fire pole, or hopping onto the motorcycle, firetruck, or helicopter. When they’re not saving the day, the Hometown Heroes can get ready in this four-story playset with eight different rooms.

Hometown Heroes Play Set

Want more toy ideas for the six year old in your life? Shop all of our bestsellers for kid-tested toys they’re sure to love!

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