Best Toys for Five Year Olds

Best Toys for Five Year Olds

Five is a year of independence and exploration. Many kids are going to school for the first time, developing their reading skills, and making more friends than ever. As their attention span and love of social play increase, you’ll notice that they can immerse themselves in pretend play for hours, especially when they’ve got a buddy by their side. These kiddos will always be excited about toys that encourage pretend play and line up with their interests – whether that’s the fire station on the corner or the checkout line at the store. Our best toys for five year olds will help them learn about the world around them, play with their pals, and develop that incredible imagination.

Best for Open-ended Play: Deluxe Play Teepee - Orange $49.99

A teepee is more than a Pinterest-worthy decoration in your child’s room… and, in the mind of your child, it’s a lot more than a teepee too. Because of their simplicity, teepees are great for open-ended creative play. With their imaginations in charge, it can become everything from a rabbit’s burrow to a secret agent’s hideout to an igloo in the North Pole.

Another huge benefit of teepees? They provide a cozy, fun space for your five year old to settle in for reading or quiet play. Around the five year mark, most kids are done with naps, but they still benefit from a designated “quiet time” each day. A restful hour helps them regulate their emotions throughout the rest of the day, but getting them to slow down enough for a quiet time can be a challenge. The Deluxe Play Teepee makes quiet play more enticing, providing a “just-for-me” spot that they’ll love snuggling into.

Best Toy for Pretend Play: Ride Around Town Train Set & Table $149.99

The Ride Around Town Train Set & Table is great for more than building tracks and pushing trains. With four real-life scenes, kids can learn about the world around them as they play with included characters and animals in a farm setting, a little town, a construction zone, and an airport.

No room for a full train table? Opt for the Bucket Top Mountain Train Set ($49.99). It stores away neatly in the included plastic tote and still provides plenty of inspiration for pretend play with character figurines, helicopters, planes, and a picturesque mountain setting.

Best for Jamming Out: Lil' Symphony Piano $64.99

Five is the age of first music lessons for many kiddos, and the piano is a popular first choice. But before you spring for expensive lessons and instruments, it’s a good idea to get them interested in music with high-quality toy instruments. If they don’t have one already, The Lil’ Symphony Piano is a great way to introduce all the fun of a piano to your little musician. With twenty-five keys that really play, this little piano is a great tool for sparking a love of music.

Building block set

Best Educational Toy for Five Year Olds: Let's Pretend Shopkeeper Stand $129.99

Roleplay, writing, math...the Let’s Pretend Shopkeeper Stand does it all. As they sell you all the yummy goodies at their food stand, they’ll practice social scripts, helping them grow in confidence and competence in similar real-world social interactions. They’ll get a chance to work on their writing and drawing as they create menus and pictures on the chalkboard. And they’ll get a little real-world math practice as they create prices for their treats and ring them up on the pretend tablet and credit card reader. The best part? To your five year old, it will just feel like play!

Kid playing with dollhouse

Best Toy for Five Year Old Girls: KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Dollhouse $199.99

Ahh, those fun years of dress up and princesses. It’s a magical time, right? The Disney Princess Dance & Dream dollhouse is a guaranteed hit with any little princess in your life. This magical castle fits 12” dolls, the perfect fit for all of their favorite Disney princesses. Features like the winding golden staircase and grand piano add a little extra magic to playtime, and the rooftop dance floor lets dolls spin and twirl to three different songs. You just might find your little princess dancing along too!

Best Toy for Five Year Old Boys: Mega Ramp Racing Set 109.99

Gas them up, wash them off, and then race to the finish with this deluxe car racing set! The high-speed ramp launches cars into the air, making races exciting and fun whether your little car enthusiast is playing independently or with a friend. But the Mega Ramp Racing is much more than a ramp – the gas station, car wash, and garage with elevator add extra elements to encourage pretend play as your little guy cares for his cars after the big race.

Want more toy ideas for the five year old in your life? Shop all of our bestsellers for kid-tested toys they’re sure to love!

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