Girl playing with play kitchen accessories

Must Have Kid's Play Kitchen Accessories

Whether your play kitchen has been around for years or it’s making its big debut this holiday season, a few play kitchen accessories can only add to the fun. The right accessories enable imaginative play and roleplay, ensuring that the kids’ kitchen stays a favorite toy for years to come. Here’s our list of must have play kitchen extras to get your littles cooking in their new kitchen or to re-spark new interest in an old favorite!

27-Piece Pastel Cookware Playset

First thing’s first: a play kitchen isn’t complete without a set of dishes to enjoy all those yummy make-believe meals. This pretty pastel set cookware set covers all the basics. Your sous-chef will have all they need to serve up everything from pretend mac-and-cheese to high tea. If pink and pastels aren’t their style, opt for the primary colored version instead.

Play Foods

A close second to a set of play dishes, play foods are the next kids’ kitchen playset to check off your list. A variety pack like the Deluxe Tasty Treats set or the 30-pc Play Food Set is a great place to start. From there, consider adding a special set or two to let them have fun pretending to create their favorite foods.

Farmer’s Market Play Pack

We love pretend snacking on cupcakes and donuts as much as the next person, but it’s also nice to have some healthy foods in the play pantry to model balanced eating habits. With the Farmer’s Market Play Pack your little one can stock their fridge with apples, carrots, eggs, tomatoes, and some farm-fresh milk and cheese. The digital scale, baskets, and signs are great for playing farmer’s market, so your budding entrepreneur can roleplay selling their harvest as well!

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Chef’s Hat & Apron

Playtime is just more fun when dress up is involved, and kids in adorable tiny chef’s hats make for some truly Insta-worthy pics. The Tasty Treats Chef Accessory Set also comes with an adorable apron in pink gingham or red stripes plus a matching oven mitt, potholder, and baking utensils. The high-quality apron will come in handy for real baking too!

Small Kitchen Appliances

Realistic accessories make time in the play kitchen that much more engaging and immersive. A couple of small kitchen appliances will give kids more opportunities to roleplay and create fun make-believe treats for the family. Go for ones that line up with your child’s favorite foods or favorite ways to help in the real kitchen. Do they love waiting for their toast to pop up in the morning? This little toaster set will pop pretend bread up just like a real one. Are they mesmerized by the whirl of the blender? A blender and smoothie set is just the thing. Of course, nothing beats baking cookies together. This baking set with mixer, cookies, and rolling pin recreates all the fun. Be sure to check out our range of colors to find the perfect complement to your little one’s kitchen.

Kids playing with dollhouse

Modern Metallics Coffee Set

Kids of coffee-drinking parents may have another kitchen appliance at the top of their list. Kids love mimicking the things we enjoy, and your morning coffee ritual is no exception. Unfortunately, sharing a real cup isn’t an option unless you want a major caffeine and sugar crash on your hands later. That’s where the Modern Metallics Coffee Set comes in, letting littles play out their own morning rituals. Kids can even fill the reservoir with water to feel just like mom and dad! Want even more ideas? Be sure to browse through our full line of play kitchen accessories!