Spring is here and summer's not too far off. So, unless you like the kids climbing the walls inside—plan ahead and invest in an outdoor playset that'll occupy their time and challenge their minds and bodies at the same time.

Outdoor play is so important, but for kids who are growing up with devices more and more in their daily lives, it's crucial to provide them with playtime that doesn't include a power cord.

Some people think that because they don't live on acres and acres of land, that they don't have room for a set. Not true. Whether you live in a suburb neighborhood with a typical-sized backyard or have unlimited land, there's a playset that'll fit your space.

The first step is making sure your ground is solid and level.
Grass and dirt are the best options; avoid hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. If your yard is sloped—no worries. You can level it yourself. Simply stake the four corners of the area. Then, attach a level string to each post. Dig the dirt at the highest point and continue until it's level with the strings. Double check your work with a board and a level.

Ensure the area you plan to place the set is free from obstacles like trees and fences.
Remember: a six-foot safety zone in all directions is recommended around your playset for optimum space to accommodate swinging, sliding and running. For quick reference, KidKraft has provided the dimensions (including safety zone) on each online product under "Specs."

After installation, you can add a protective surfacing material, like mulch, rubberized mulch, sand or wood chips. Fill with 12 inches of surfacing around the full dimensions of the playset. Replenish throughout the year when necessary.

For more visual information, take a look at the video on preparing your yard for installation here.

We'd love to see and applaud your progress— tag images of your handiwork (and of your kids playing on the finished set) using #kidkraftkids.