Buying Guide: Kids’ Climbers

Buying Guide: Kids’ Climbers

There’s a lot of reasons to love kids climbing structures. Climbing benefits kids’ strength, balance, judgment and decision making, and physical and cognitive development –oh, and it’s fun. If you’re ready to create a climbing adventure in your own backyard, our kids’ climbers buying guide is here help you find the right climber for your budget, yard, and kids!

Best for Little Climbers: A-Frame Hideaway and Climber $99.99

If your little mountaineer isn't’ ready for a full swing set just yet, the A-Frame Hideaway and Climber is the mini-peak for them. At just 3’ high and with six easy-to-grab climbing rocks, this little climber is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. When they’re ready for a break, they can cozy up in the hideaway tent.

Best Climber for Big Families: Devonshire Elite Swingset Playset $2,499.99

If you have a few kids who will be vying for time on the new outdoor climber, the Devonshire Elite Swingset will make playtime easier. (At least until someone gets hangry). Two separate rock walls and a ladder (plus swings, slides, cafe seats, and other features) mean that no matter how big your crew is, they’ll all have room to climb and play here.

If that’s not in your budget, try the Charleston Lodge instead ($1,599 Sam’s Club exclusive)! You’ll miss out on the second rock wall, but it does offer most of the same fun features as the Devonshire, including two slides and a double-decker playhouse!

Best Budget Outdoor Climber: Ainsley Wooden Swing Set $399

We don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe we do a little), but it’s tough to find a better quality swing set and outdoor climber at this price point than the Ainsley. Constructed from cedar woods, it’s one of the most affordable solid wood swing sets around. Scaling the rockwall brings kids into the canopied play deck, where they can stay and play or slide down to climb again (and again and again and again).

Best for Small Yards: Appleton Swing Set $582.99

If you’ve got 80 sq feet to spare in your yard, you’ve got room for the Appleton Swing Set and its rockwall! Okay… you’ll need slightly more than 80 sq feet to account for all the swinging, jumping, and running that’s sure to happen around it. As a climber, the Appleton is great for preschoolers and toddlers. While older kids will handle the rockwall/ladder with ease, they’ll still love to swing, slide, and play in the playhouse! (Also available in white if that’s your vibe!)

Best All-in-One Climbing Structure: Montauk Wooden Swing Set/ Playset $1,249.99

If you want your outdoor kids climber to do it all, check out the Montauk. This climber-swingset-and-playhouse in one checks off pretty much everything you want in an outdoor toy. Kids can climb the rockwall into the second story of the playhouse. When they’re ready to make their way back down, a large twisty tube slide leads them down to the swings and the Insta-worthy door on the playhouse’s first story.

Best for a Challenging Climb: KidKraft Lookout Extreme Wooden Swing Set $2,499

The Lookout Extreme is where it’s at if your kiddos want some real climbing thrills and challenges! This baby is one part swing set, one part outdoor kids climbing structure. It’s got climbing fun for all ages and skill levels: a sturdy wooden ladder, a rope ladder, and for the most daring adventurers, a vertical rock wall complete with a climbing rope.

Best for Pretend Play: Jungle Journey Swing Set/ Playset $1,229.99

What’s a climb without a great view at the top? After they’ve climbed up the rock wall ladder or wooden ladder, the hexagon-shaped observation deck will make your little explorer feel like they’re overlooking the rainforest in their own jungle treehouse. Cue the Tarzan soundtrack.

Can’t decide or just want to see more? Check out all of our swing sets and kids climbing structures, or give us a call at 1(800) 933-0771 with any questions you have about that swing set you’re eyeing. We can’t wait to help!