6 Kids Summer Birthday Ideas for Kids

two kids sitting on KidKraft outdoor chaise lounge with pool in background

Summer birthdays are the best birthdays – no school, no stress, and the perfect season for fun outdoor kids birthday parties. This year outdoor birthday parties are back on and better than ever! We’ve got six super fun, super simple outdoor birthday party ideas for kids that you can do in your own backyard.

Water Party

Pool parties are a default kids summer birthday idea, but we think a water party might be even better – especially for kids without strong swimming skills. Parents can relax a little bit more, and the kids will still have tons of fun. Fill a kiddie pool with water balloons and soaker balls, set out some water guns, and get the sprinkler going!

Backyard Free Play

When you’ve got a backyard that’s decked out for play, the party entertainment takes care of itself. Swing sets, playhouses, and sandboxes will keep the kids playing all party long. Plus, they double as amazing birthday presents. Besides, is there anything more adorable than a playhouse decorated to match your party theme? (Need some proof? Check out our Instagram for some of the ridiculously adorable playhouse decor DIYs parents have shared).

Backyard Tea Party or Picnic

Spreading out a few blankets for a picnic is an easy, low-cost way to give your backyard dreamy summer vibes that are equally Insta-worthy and fun for the kids. Dress it up with cut flowers in mason jars and a tea set, or give it a camping feel with play tents. If it’s within the party budget, a kid-sized picnic table perfectly complements the theme, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it the rest of the summer too.

Ice Cream Party

What better way to celebrate and stay cool than with everyone’s favorite summertime treat? Set up an ice cream bar outside with all the toppings, and you’ve got a theme, snack, and an outdoor birthday activity in one. For a little extra fun, throw some of the candy toppings in an ice cream cone-shaped pinñata.

Bubble Party

Easy and endlessly entertaining, bubbles are a theme in and of themselves. Get a few different kinds of bubble makers and let the kids go to town chasing and popping bubbles and seeing who can make the biggest one. Bubble machines let you keep a constant flow of bubbles for a whimsical feel – perfect for keeping toddlers entertained. For older kids, try bubble strings and nets. They take a little practice, so big kids will be engaged by the challenge... and they’ll get to create the biggest bubbles they’ve ever seen.

Science Experiment Party

Who says kids don’t learn in the summer? Hands-on science experiments are super fun, and there are plenty that are easy to do with a whole group of kids. Soda geysers and elephant toothpaste are both inexpensive classics that kids will love. There really are endless options for kids’ science experiments, so you’re sure to find several that your child and their friends will love.

However you party, we wish your kiddo a very happy birthday!