7 Classic Kids Products that Promote Physical Activity

Two kids running around kidkraft playhouse

Making sure your kids hit that recommended 60 minutes of activity per day can be tough! Even with all that bouncing-off-the-walls energy, kids still need the right opportunities to move and play to get the activity they need. If you can make those opportunities fun for them and easy to maintain for you, your kids will stand a much better chance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. And you don’t need the newest toys to do it. In fact, simple, classic outdoor toys are often the best at inspiring kids to have fun and get moving!

Swing Sets

Backyard play structures like swing sets and playsets are kid favorites… and they’re one of the best ways to help your kids get and stay active outdoors! Look for one that offers multiple ways to get active by swinging, climbing, sliding, or hanging. Monkey bars and rock walls are great challenges for older kids! We make it easy to shop for durable wooden playset that fits your yard, kids, and budget.


If you haven’t added a kid’s bike to your collection of outdoor toys yet, you’re missing a great chance to promote physical activity. If your kiddos can’t ride on their own yet, balance bikes, trikes, or training wheels might be more their speed.


While you might think of sandboxes as more of a sit-and-play activity, your kids are doing a lot of upper body strengthening as they lift, pour, and carry buckets of sand and water!

Sprinklers & Kiddie Pools

Water play of any kind is an easy and (usually) inexpensive way to get kids moving. Sprinklers and kiddie pools are summertime classics that work for almost any age.


Yep, it can be that simple! Balls of any kind can inspire hours of kicking, throwing, and running – especially when you add some hoops, bats, or goals into the mix too.

Balance Beams

Walk, spin, jump, and repeat! There’s really no end to the ways kids can use a balance beam because once they’ve mastered one type of movement, they’re sure to move on to a new challenge. Toddlers will find it challenging just to maintain balance while walking, and older kids will love trying to master leaps and spins.


Climbing offers a ton of benefits for kids’ physical and mental development, so offering safe opportunities to climb is a great way to support your kids’ health! If you don’t have a swing set with climbing features (or if you just want to offer more ways to climb), our A-Frame Hideaway and Climber, Shark Escape Climber, and Hop & Slide Frog Climber, are all budget-friendly ways to add kids’ play structures to your yard.
Even with all the best outdoor toys, we know actually getting out the door to use them can still be a challenge. Our 5 Tips to Get Your Kids Outdoors can make it a little easier to ensure those outdoor play structures get plenty of use and – more importantly– that the kids get plenty of exercises!