Buying Guide: Best Art Easel for Kids

Buying Guide: Best Art Easel for Kids

Wiping watercolors off your dining room table has gotten old, and you’re in the market for an art easel for your budding impressionist. Great choice! Art easels not only help you reclaim your space from arts-and-crafts sprawl, but they also encourage a love of creativity and expression in your little ones. This guide will help you decide exactly what you’re looking for and point you to the perfect easel for your space and your little artist!

What should you look for in a kid’s art easel?


Two things to consider here: the space you have in your home and the size of your little one. If you don’t have room for a standalone easel or if you’re buying for a toddler, tabletop easels are a great choice. For standing easels, a height of 45- 51” is ergonomically correct for kiddos 3 and up. Tots 3 and under can use these easels as well, though they may need a stool to reach the top. If you have ample space, you may even consider a full art table instead of an easel.


This goes without saying, but sturdy is better when it comes to anything your kids will be using frequently. Flimsy, wobbly easels are a paint splatter waiting to happen.


Art easels with storage trays and bins keep supplies handy as your kid’s work and help minimize messes (for the most part – we are talking about kids and paint here after all). Larger trays also provide a place for those messy masterpieces to dry.


If you’ve been browsing through paint easels for kids, you’ve probably rolled your eyes at a few features (blacklights, anyone?). But some accessories really do enhance your kids’ time at their art station. Mess-free paint cups, clips for hanging wet paintings to dry, and storage caddies keep art time organized and fun.

Artistic Mediums

Okay, so “artistic mediums” in this case is just a fancy term for “Can my kids do more than paint?” Paint easels for kids that also have built-in chalkboards, dry erase boards, and art paper rolls helps kids explore different ways to create. Because kids can easily switch back and forth between mediums, they’re less likely to get bored with their easel, and you can really see their creativity shine!

Best Art Easels for Kids

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you’re looking for in your little ones, here’s a lineup of our best easels for the kids in your life!

Tabletop Easel $34.99

At 24” tall, this little easel fits in any space, makes a great portable art station for traveling, and is one of the best art easels for toddlers. Despite its smaller size, it still manages to deliver most of the features of a full-size art easel with a built-in chalkboard, dry erase board, paint cups, and trays.

Tabletop Easel

Deluxe Wooden Easel $109.99 - $154.99

This sturdy wooden easel manages to look both fun and chic, and it’s available in three different finishes – white, natural, and espresso – to match your home’s decor. A large lower try is ideal for storing supplies and paintings and smaller upper trays keep brushes, chalk, and markers handy.

Deluxe Wooden Easel

Master Artist’s Easel $139.99

Extra-large storage bins make this easel a great all-in-one craft station to contain all of your little Picasso’s art supplies. Chalkboard, dry erase board, paper rolls, and clips for paintings are all built-in.

Artist Easel with Paper Roll $89.99

With a thinner profile, this budget-friendly easel is ideal for a minimalist look while still including a chalkboard, dry erase board, paper rolls, and storage trays.

Storage Easel $124.99

The standout feature for this easel is the three large built-in storage bins.

Art Table with Drying Rack and Storage $184.99

Alright, it’s technically not an easel, but if you have space, this art table is definitely something to consider. With ample storage and organizers, this table makes a great work station for all of your kiddo’s art and craft projects.

Art Table with Drying Rack and Storage

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