How to Create a Themed Bedroom for Your Toddler

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Looking to makeover your baby’s nursery into a toddler’s paradise? First step: have a little cry because your baby is that big now! Done? Perfect. Second step: choose an aesthetic or better yet… go all out with a themed bedroom! Toddler room themes are a fun way to add some personality to their space and center the decor around something they love! Here are some simple toddler bedroom ideas to help you pull the whole look together!

Choose a theme

First things first, what does your little one love? And what can you live with as a bedroom decor idea? Think about what your little one is into. Do they love princesses and fairy tales? Dinosaurs? Race cars? Fire trucks? Once you've got a theme, you can start building your design around it

Use color…but don’t feel the need to go overboard

Of course, you want the colors you choose fit with your theme, but if the thought of a room swimming in hot pink or bright green makes you shudder, don’t worry. You can still keep an appealing aesthetic while incorporating colors that match your theme. If you’re going for a princess room, pastel pinks, peaches, and whites provide a softer look than bright pinks. For dinosaur or nature-themed rooms, neutrals and olive greens set the tone without making you feel like you’re lost in a jungle. And for themes that naturally incorporate bright colors (like the bright red of fire trucks or race cars), use a more neutral base, and keep the loud colors as accents in art, accessories, or accent stripes on the wall. Your little one will still love it, and you won’t feel like you need sunglasses when you walk into their room.

Make the bed center stage

Bedding is a great way to tie everything together. Sheets, comforters, and pillows that match your theme can make your toddler ecstatic for their new room even if the rest of the room isn’t heavily themed. And if you can find it, your toddler is sure to think that a themed bed frame –like a princess bed, race car bed or fire truck bed– is the coolest. thing. ever. (Plus, this excitement is a great way to ease the transition to a big kid bed!)

Add those special touches

This is where you can really have fun and get your toddler involved in picking things out! For a princess bedroom, hang a chandelier or add a princess vanity. For jungle/dinosaur rooms, some potted plants can brighten the space while adding to the theme. For race cars and fire trucks, you might add some tread mark wall stickers and a traffic light lamp. When you need direction, Etsy always has great inspiration for themed decor that still fits your home’s overall aesthetic.

Remember that on-theme toys make great toddler room decor! So keep that prized race car track, fire station, or princess dollhouse on display… it probably gets played with every day anyway, right?

There you have it! These no-fuss steps will help you create a themed bedroom that’s chic enough for you and, most importantly, fun enough for your toddler!