Best Toys for Four Year Olds

Best Toys for Four Year Olds

Pretend play is in full swing at four years old! These kiddos are constantly mimicking adults’ daily behaviors and routines and imagining their own make-believe scenarios. All this pretend is more than just play – it’s helping them make sense of the world around them and develop the social skills they’ll need as they grow up. Our picks for best toys for four year olds are open-ended and perfect for all the pretending, building, and creating your little one loves to do!

Best Toy for Constructive Play: 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board $109.99

What’s constructive play, you ask? Also known as construction play, it’s any type of play that involves building, assembling, and crafting something new, and it has documented cognitive benefits. Everything from blanket forts to sand castles to play dough can be categorized into constructive play, but the most famous example is classic building blocks. The 2-in-1 Activity Table enables multiple types of constructive play. On the building brick side, your child can use the 200 included building bricks to make anything their imaginations come up with. On the train tableside, they can construct tracks for a locomotive adventure. The table comes with a 30-piece train starter set and is big enough to accommodate larger sets as well.

Best Educational Toy for Four Year Olds: Uptown Elite Play Kitchen $199.99

Of course, that chef’s hat calls for another timeless toy for dramatic play: the classic play kitchen! Realistic play kitchens can foster hours of dramatic play and provide an ideal space for brain-boosting constructive play as well when kids create their own playdough foods.

The Uptown Elite is one of our most popular play kitchens thanks to its sleek wood construction, gender-neutral design, and realistic details like a working ice machine and sound effects. It’s the perfect size for your four year old’s dramatic play as they play house and cook away. Or take a look at our full line of wooden play kitchens to find the perfect pick for the four year old in your life.

Building block set

Best Toy for Jam Sessions: Lil’ Symphony Electric Guitar $19.99

Do you have a little rockstar on your hands? The Lil’ Symphony Electric Guitar will let them jam out with prerecorded beats and riffs. When they want to get creative and try out making their own song, they can switch modes to play individual notes. Since most four year olds love music but don’t have the patience or dexterity for real guitars yet, the Lil’ Symphony Electric Guitar offers a perfect middle ground – they get all the fun of pre-recorded music and the chance to experiment with playing an “instrument” on their own.

Best Toy for Four Year Old Girls: Designed by Me: Magnetic Makeover Dollhouse $129.99

If you’ve ever found your little girl “redecorating” her own walls with markers, crayons, or stickers, you’re both sure to love the Designed by Me Dollhouse line. She’ll love the creative freedom to customize their dollhouse, and you’ll love that she’s focused on designing the dollhouse instead of your house. The Magnetic Makeover Dollhouse offers endless chances to design and redesign with eight magnetic wallpapers and magnetic accessories. If markers and stickers are your girl’s design tools of choice, be sure to check out the Designed by Me: Color Decor Dollhouse and Designed by Me: Sticker Fun Dollhouse as well.

Kid playing with dollhouse

Best Toy for Four Year Old Boys: Deluxe Workbench with Tools

The Deluxe Workbench presents another fantastic opportunity for dramatic and constructive play that aligns with your little guy’s interest in building and tools. The working vise, wrench, nuts, and bolts mean he can do more than just pretend – he can really use his tools to customize his workbench and build with colorful wooden planks. All the while, he’ll be perfecting his fine motor skills!

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