Back to School Furniture Guide

Kid sitting on KidKraft study desk

When we think back-to-school shopping, we tend to think of new sneaks and tons of colored pencils, but new furniture? Odd as it may sound, a new school year is the perfect time to update the kids’ rooms with everything they need for a successful year. Here are a few of our favorites for a cheery, organized room all school year long.

Homework Central

If we have to choose just one must-have piece of furniture for back-to-school success, it’s definitely a kids’ desk and chair. You’ll want a dedicated space for the kids to tackle their homework distraction-free. Ideally, that space will also be kid-sized, so it’s ergonomically correct for little bodies. A few organizational features like desk drawers and file separators can help keep the kiddos organized throughout the school year. With plenty of design options, we make it easy to find a kids’ desk and chair that matches your child’s room. Our colors include:


If you were already thinking of updating your kiddo’s room, back to school is a great time to go for it! You can pep them up for a year full of new, with a new big kid bed. Plus, a cozy little spot they love just might help them have a better attitude for that early school night bedtime – and catching the recommended 10-12 hours of shut-eye is critical for a smooth school year. Whether they’re into cars, planes, or princesses, we’ve got themed twin-sized that are sure to put a smile on their faces. Check out these kid-favorite bedroom themes:

And for non-themed but still totally adorable beds, our Nantucket Bedroom features clean, classic white furniture, and our modern Addison bed comes in espresso and white.

Little Library

From projects to library rentals, to textbooks, the kids are bound to have more than a few uses for a bookshelf during the school year. We love our sling bookshelves for toddlers, but for school-age kids, our bookcase with a built-in reading nook is just the right size – plus it doubles as a comfy spot for reading and studying.

If you need a smaller bookshelf, be sure to check out all of our bookshelves for one that fits your kid’’s bedroom.

And if that bedroom always gets a little crazy when school is in full swing, our Back to School Organization tips can help!