Shop by Skill: Social Play

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

What is social play? In simple terms, social play is a type of play where children directly interact and share with others – whether adults or other kids. Through this type of play they learn social skills like communication, sharing, turn-taking, and following rules.

You may be asking, what is the importance of social skills for kids? In a nutshell, these skills help children interact with the world around them. Social skills help kids build relationships and develop skills that will help them be successful as adults.

Providing your child with opportunities to engage in social play is one of the best ways to help them build confidence and develop relationships. In addition to these important skills, social play also helps kids to develop emotional intelligence.

Toys for Social Development

Engaging in simple social play with other children is important for kids to foster social skills, such as peer group leadership skills, emotional regulation, creativity, and working memory.

If you’re wondering which type of activity is considered social play, there’s a variety of activities that fall into this category and KidKraft carries an array of toys for both indoors and outdoors that are great for social playing for toddlers and school-aged children.

Toys for Social Development

Two classic social play examples are playing with dollhouses and pretend kitchens.

  • Kitchen Play Sets – A play kitchen is a classic toy that continues to delight kids and never gets old. Our play kitchens are designed with unique details and features that foster creativity and keep kids engaged in pretend play for hours.
  • Wooden Dollhouses – Playing with dolls and dollhouses is another classic creative and social play activity. Our dollhouses are designed to be interactive and encourage kids to use their imaginations.
  • Outdoor Social Play Toys

    Social play toys that are excellent for outdoor play are playhouses and swing sets.

    • Outdoor Kids’ Playhouses – Having a kids’ playhouse in your backyard makes it convenient to combine outdoor play with social play. Our playhouses provide kids with hours of fun as they engage in creative, pretend play with their siblings and friends.
    • Outdoor Swing Sets – Bring the playground to your backyard with our collection of wooden swing sets. They’re durable and have a variety of features to keep kids of all ages entertained together for hours.
    • Shop KidKraft’s toys for social development. Your child will have fun and make memories while developing important life skills!Check out our toys for active play, cognitive play, imaginative play, and creative play too!