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Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Active play is essential for kids’ physical development, helping to improve their coordination, balance, gross-motor skills, and fine-motor skills. Active play is also great for directing the natural energy of kids in a healthy way, making it beneficial for kids and parents alike!

Curious about what active play in child development consists of? Active play is a type of physical play that helps children develop movement skills, confidence, and physical literacy. It’s often unplanned, self-directed, and comes naturally to kids. And, of course, it’s a ton of fun!

If you’re wondering what is an example of active play, it’s hard to narrow it down since there are so many! From simply running and jumping to riding a bike and kicking a ball to building forts and climbing trees, the list is endless. And kids don’t have any trouble coming up with all kinds of active play ideas!

Active Play Toys Kids & Toddlers

While there are plenty of active play activities for children that don’t require anything but kids and their imaginations, there are also a variety of active play toys for preschoolers through school-aged children that provide even more active play opportunities. Whether indoors or outdoors, active play toys encourage kids to use their energy and creativity.

Indoor Active Play Toys

Two classic indoor active play ideas all ages will love are indoor scavenger hunts and, of course, hide-and-seek!

If you’re looking for another active play idea for toddlers, KidKraft offers a variety of climbers that are perfect for toddlers to burn off their energy and can be used both inside and outside. Climbers are one of the best indoor active play toys and are sure to get plenty of use!

Outdoor Active Play Toys

For outdoor active play fun, you’ll find an array of swing sets, outdoor playhouses, sandboxes and more that make it easy to foster active play right in your backyard. These types of active play toys encourage kids to play outside while getting physical activity and using their imaginations.

Made of durable materials, every one of our kids’ outdoor playsets and swing sets is designed to withstand years of jumping, climbing, and swinging. Discover a variety of active play toys to suit your space and budget at KidKraft.

Shop our active play toys for kids & toddlers. Whether you’re looking for a kids’ outdoor playset, other outdoor play activities, or indoor active play toys, you’ll find what you need here. We also have great toys for imaginative play, cognitive play, creative play, and social play.