The following is a guest post from Jacki of Crazy Life With Littles. Enjoy!

Deluxe Wooden Easel - White

Painting is a great sensory activity and a way for kids to express their creativity. For us, painting and doing other crafts is necessary to keep the sibling battles at bay! I’ve learned that keeping the kids busy stimulates their minds and makes them much happier throughout the day!

Recently I rummaged through my art supplies and dug out some canvases and washable paints. We’ve been sprucing up our playroom and wanted to really make it their own space by creating playroom art for the walls. 

For this project, you’ll need the follow supplies:

  • art canvas (I usually stock up on these whenever they’re on sale at the craft store)
  • washable paints
  • painting tools – brushes, sponges, cotton balls
  • optional: stencil cut out on contact paper

Deluxe Easel - White

Deluxe Wooden Easel - White

While the kids were doing another activity, I started to set up their art easels with paints, brushes and a canvas. If you’re going to create the silhouette paintings, you’ll need to trace your stencil onto a piece of contact paper and cut it out before applying to the canvas. You can download the free stencils I created here: Dolphin / Dog / Butterfly.

Once their supplies were all set up and art smocks were on, they got right to work! Giving a variety of colors opens the opportunity to experiment and learn which primary colors to mix in order to create new colors. Great for your preschoolers!


This activity does tend to get a little messy, but thankfully, the washable paint comes off super easy with a wet cloth or baby wipe. If you’re working on carpet, be sure to lay down an old towel.

The kids love painting, so even after their silhouette paintings were done, I let them enjoy some creative freedom on a blank canvas and the easel paper. Some paintings I will (secretly) toss when we’re done, but the others you can put on display in the playroom, which gives your little one’s self-esteem a boost! They just love seeing their art and showing friends and family when they come over. 


Deluxe Wooden Easel - White /  Vintage Play Kitchen - White

Other options for playroom art display are to frame and hang, use clothespins to hang paper art, and my favorite is to take an up-close photo of their art to frame! The very first time my oldest finger-painted, she was a mess! I took one photo of her messy hands and another of her artwork to place in a two-photo frame. This is my favorite piece of wall art to this day!

Creating playroom art is so much fun for the toddlers and makes the room just come to life! Let the kids get creative and don’t stress about the mess! Our KidKraft table & chair set and wooden easels clean up so easily with a quick wipe!

Jacki is a full-time working mom of two little ones currently residing in Florida and basking in the warmer weather while drowning in way too much coffee. You can find her sharing anecdotes on Instagram and her blog, Crazy Life with Littles, in her “spare” time.