5 Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

Girl sitting on KidKraft chaise lounge with baby doll next to her

If your kids are like most, they love playing outside in the summer… even when you feel like you’re about to bake to a crisp in the summer sun. But even if the kids don’t seem to mind the heat, it’s still important to keep them hydrated, cool, and protected from too much harmful UV rays. We’ve got you covered 5 easy, fun ways you and the kids can beat the heat this summer!

Wear sun shirts

Putting on sunscreen is probably every kids’ least favorite part about playing outside in the summer. A good sun shirt or two will help you cut down on the time you spend slathering on the sunscreen while still protecting your kiddos from sunburns. And even though long sleeves seem like they’d make you feel way hotter, just the opposite is true with these babies. They’re breathable, and because they keep the kids’ skin from being warmed up by the sun, they’ll stay a bit cooler. You just might want to get a couple for yourself!

Make your own healthy popsicles

Popsicles are basically the official snack of summer, and they’re a great way to cool down. The only problem? All that sugar. But with a few popsicles molds, you and the kids can easily make your own with just fruit. They’ll have fun blending and pouring their favorite ingredients, and you can even sneak in a science lesson on the states of matter! If you need a little inspiration, we love this popsicle recipe roundup. And if you love the idea of sneaky learning activities in the summer, check out these 6 Easy Recipes for Kids to Facilitate Learning in the Kitchen.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

“Stay hydrated” seems like pretty simple advice… but when it comes to kids, it’s easier said than done. Whether they just can’t be bothered to stop playing even for a second or they insist that water is “boring,” sometimes it’s tough to get them to drink enough on those hot summer days. Fruit-infused water, new water bottles, and fun ice cube shapes can all entice them to drink more. And don’t forget that food can be hydrating too! Try to load up their lunches and snacks with water-rich fruits and veggies like watermelon, grapes, celery, and cucumbers.

Stay inside during peak sun hours

Get outside in the mornings and evenings, and spend the peak temperature hours (12 - 4 PM in most places) staying cool inside. This is also when harmful UV rays are the strongest, so you’ll avoid sunburns too. Our indoor summer activities for kids are perfect for keeping them busy while you’re all inside or keep them learning all summer long with these tips.

Do all the water play

Splashing around in cool water from the garden hose is every kid’s favorite way to beat the heat. Whether it’s a kiddie pool, sprinkler, water table, or one of these creative water play ideas, add a little H2O to your playtime next time you start breaking a sweat! Pro tip: the water in hoses can get seriously hot, so always be sure to purge the hose until the water is cool before letting the kids play with it!