Black Friday is approaching fast. As toy retailers and stores reveal their enticing deals, parents everywhere prepare themselves for that pre-dawn consumer crush. This year, don’t ditch Thanksgiving dinner to camp out in the mall parking lot or trample your way to savings. Instead, we here at KidKraft recommend taking advantage of Black Friday’s online deals and avoid those notorious checkout lines.

To help you save time, money and sanity, we’ve put together a list of our favorite items from That way you can shop from home, have a successful Black Friday and you don’t even have to change out of your bunny slippers.

1. Culinary Play Kitchen – Espresso

KidKraft is famous for designing sturdy and stylish play kitchens, and the Culinary Kitchen is a shining example. Aspiring young chefs can have a blast cooking imaginary meals for their favorite customers – typically stuffed animals, siblings or patient parents. The kitchen’s design is sleek and modern with deep wood, speckled granite and stainless-steel colors. It’s also packed with interactive features like turning knobs, functional cabinets and appliance doors and realistic burners. Combined with any of our play food sets or cookware sets, the Culinary Kitchen is a cornerstone of any epic playroom.

2. Brooklyn’s Loft Dollhouse

Almost as popular as our play kitchens, KidKraft’s dollhouses are crafted with composite wood, not plastic. That means they are built to withstand even the most enthusiastic imaginations for years. Brooklyn’s Loft is a new item from KidKraft that promises to deliver uptown charm to classic playtime. With a café, salon and boutique at ground level, 12-inch dolls can enjoy an urban retreat on the top two levels. With an exquisitely-detailed fire escape, balcony and an extensive (included) accessory pack, this dollhouse is a fantastic Black Friday pickup.


3. Master Artist’s Easel

The Master Artist’s Easel is the perfect place to capture your child’s creativity. Rolls of art paper (included) mount to the top and fasten onto the easel. Built-in paint cups with fastening lids store paint and keep it fresh. Clips on the frame give young Picassos a place to hang their latest masterpieces until they can dry.

4. Round Table & Chair Set

This kid-sized table and colorful chairs makes for a great place to sit down for a game, serve imaginary meals from one of our play kitchens, color or draw. Its sturdy design and easy-clean finish makes it the perfect kids’ table for big family get-togethers.

Kids Table and Chairs

5. Aero City Train Table Set

This may be the ultimate train table set for your little engineer. AeroCity combines an 85-piece train set with a kid-sized table, imaginatively illustrated with a colorful cityscape. The playful platform and the conveniently mounted storage bins keep help keep the pieces on the table and off the floor. In addition to the track and train pieces, AeroCity includes a fire truck, police car, helicopter, bulldozer and airplane, along with AeroCitizens, sturdy moving pieces and more. What more could a kid want?