How to Pick The Perfect Outdoor Set

Playhouse vs. Playset

Whether your children need a device-free pause, an exercise-filled day or a spot to spend time with their pals, KidKraft has a playhouse or playset that'll let them dream, climb or slide, all in the comfort of their own backyard

Limited Land (Playhouse)

Even with a more compact outdoor space, you can still provide a healthy haven for children. Pick an even plot of ground and give them an outdoor home of their own. Invite a few pals over—up to five kids can hang out here

Wide Open Space (Playset)

Fill your empty backyard with a wooden wonder that'll not only enhance your landscape, but also become the site for limitless play. The whole gang can be entertained all day.

The size of your yard

Measure your yard before choosing a playset so you'll know which structure will fit your space. Pick an open area with level ground free of obstacles such as trees and fences. Do not place the playset on concrete, asphalt or any hard surface.

Playset Dimensions

The overall dimensions of the physical playset structure.

ASTM Dimensions

The international standard and testing organization recommends a 6-ft. safety zone in all directions around the playset to accommodate swinging, sliding and running.

Price Range

No matter your budget, we have any outdoor set that'll make both parents and kids happy. Some sets even have installation included in the price.

Up to $500

Playhouses offer up big fun with a smaller budget. And, with many pre-assembled components, you can erect your playhouse in time for dinner.

$500 to $1000

This mid-range playset offers up all the classics—swings, slides and a double-decker clubhouse. Energetic kids will find plenty to entertain them for hours.


Spend more and you definitely get more—features abound in these grand structures that'll make them want to stay outside all day.

Look for Fun Features

Dig for dinosaurs in the sandbox. Cross crocodile waters on monkey bars. List the daily specials on the chalk wall. Arrive on the ground with extra twists and turns. Fun amenities give endless opportunities for kids to have imaginative adventures.